SEVECEN 23 Part2 - Page 79

II was born on 28 of June , 1984 . I was born in a city called Izmir . It ’ s in Turkey . I grew up in Turkey and when I was 12 old we moved to Los Angeles , California . I lived with my parents and my sister when I was a child . Even though I was living in California . I had friends from Turkey who did not forgot me , who were emailing and talking to me on Facetime . I had many friends in Turkey and many friends from California .
My school life was good , I had so many friends , my teachers were good , I got good grades . Everyday after my classes in the , university I used to ride my motorcycle home . One the weekends I went to a school to learn more motorcycle stunts .
Once , I can ’ t remember exactly when , I saw on television some people were riding motorcycles and were flying off the ramps and doing stunts . I was interested in doing that but I couldn ’ t because I was too young . So I said to myself , “ Maybe I should first try riding a motorcycle and then train for it .”
I got my first motorcycle when I was 18 and I learned how to do stunts . I went to competitions called X-games and X- fighters . The X-fighters competition was in Madrid . I came in 3rd place . But besides competitions , my first job in a circus was a banner holder . I rode a motorcycle around the circus so everybody could see the banner but I only did that for 2 days . My first job did not help me at all .
I was having lots of fun and I was really good at motorcycle racing and doing tricks in the air so I became a professional motorcyclist . I had many other jobs , too . Once I worked as a motorcycle salesman and A mechanic . Lately I have been working on a Youtube channel . It is going to include my own top stunts and the world ' s top 10 stunts as well as footage from my competitions . We already have 3,053,111 subscribers .
Working as a motorcyclist in the circus is the best job I have ever had . it is fun . You can be friends with so many people . I have never changed to another circus because this circus allows me to go to any competition even if we have a show the same day . In a circus you don ’ t have to practice much because you only relax 2 or 3 days a week . You have the chance to go to a another country for the circus . On my days off when I ' m home , I sometimes play with my PS4 and sometimes I go out with my friends from the circus . I wait my turn and then I perform . The best part of my day is when I ' m in the air .
Maybe in 5 years I can go to different competitions or races and maybe win them . The happiest moment of my life was when I went to 6 competitions and I had tried to do the same trick again and again and finally on the sixth try I finally did it .
At first I was not doing any really dangerous stunts and I was not active and fearless . I was not having fun with the simple stunts and I did not get high scores at the competitions . But then in a performance I fell down and my leg bone was broken , my motorcycle ’ s hand brakes were broken , one of my foot pegs came off because the ramp was wet . When I slipped , I flipped two times and landed on one of my legs . After that I was in the hospital for a long time and I was scared . I thought I could never ride a motorcycle ever again but now I ' m active , `brave and adventurous and I ’ m trying all the stunts and I ’ m having lots of fun doing it . I had tried unsuccessfully to do that trick 6 times in competitions , as I said , and I did it successfully at the last one .