SEVECEN 23 Part2 - Page 78

Hi , my name is Infant . I am an elephant . I was friendly , energetic and loving before I was in the circus . First , I was born in Africa . I was with my lovely family : my sister , my mom and my dad . I was in a herd . They were so many children . I always played with them when I was in Africa . And there was an old elephant . He always found solutions to our problems . He was so clever . 
 I wanted to be like him but a few years later some people came with a helicopter . I thought they would do something bad to me so I ran fast . They threw a net over me . I ’ ve never forgotten that moment . I was taken to a zoo and they put me into the worst cage . There were a lot of animals . All of them were sad . I was sad too because I couldn ’ t see my family . I made friends
with the other elephants in the zoo . The zoo food was awful but sometimes people gave us some food . 

 One month later a man who was wearing very interesting clothes ( ring leader ) came and we went to his truck . The truck had the word “ circus ” written on it . I thought they would send me back home but they didn ' t . I was crushed .
Now I am in the circus . I have seen so many magicians asking for audience participation and so many other performers . I am lonely , sluggish and heartbroken . I am the most important elephant in the circus because I am the youngest elephant . I think it ' s so embarrassing . I heard at the other circuses they whip animals . I think I am lucky because our ring leader never whip an animal . I like him . Circus food is better than the zoo ’ s . I do the same things everyday . I wake up . The Ringleader feeds us . Then we practice all day for the show . Then all animals eat their dinner and go to sleep . Sleeping is the best time in the circus because I can see my family in my dreams . I ' ve been hoping to go to see my family . 
 One day we had a show , it was so important because there were important people in the audience . When I was doing my act , I made a mistake and I fell down but I kept trying . On the second try , I couldn ’ t do it again . Then the show ended . I thought the ringleader would whip me but he didn ' t . I saw that he was angry at himself . The next day he came and said " I am so sorry my friend . I couldn ‘ t teach you the trick . I promise we will do it ."
When I heard this , I promised myself I would be the best circus elephant ever . The Ringleader saw the progress I was making . We practiced so much for the very big show . He invited all the important people again . I performed perfectly .
Finally , I realized that the people separated me from my family but I joined a new family . My new family is the " CIRCUS .”