SEVECEN 23 Part2 - Page 46

I think Hydroponic systems could help our planet Earth become a healthier place !
In 7th grade we did a lot of things . But what I liked the most was the hydroponics system . Let me teach you a little , the word , Hydroponic , comes from Latin and means working water . Simply put , it is the art of growing plants without soil .
We did so many activities with this Hydroponics . First we did a project where we need to research what it is and think of where we could use it to make the world better . Everybody had so many ideas about this . I thought that we could use them in restaurants and schools because it will give us healthy organic food . Next we got a chance to plant some vegetables . We planted lettuce , pumpkins , and watercress . Every day with Mr Ward we looked at the plants and learned more about them and the system .
Green World
This year the seventh graders , while practicing our vocabulary words on “ Memrise ”, we learned about the “ Green World ”. Our class learned a lot about hydroponic systems and how they work . A hydroponic system is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water , without soil . To me , the hydroponic system is a more efficient and futuristic plant growing system . It is important system because we need to learn different ways of growing plants for our future needs . After we learned more about it we did our own project . We designed drawings of our own hydroponic systems . The seventh graders then got even more interested in hydroponic systems , so Mr . Ward decided to help us make a Green House to test out a hydroponic system . It was a successful project , as we were able to grow many different plants and vegetables . We showed our parents our designs and some students did a demonstration in the Green House at the English Fair . In the end this was a fun and educational experience .
Zeynep KURT
Hydroponics and Greenhouse
This year as 7th graders , we have started a project called Hydroponic System . At first we planted our own hydroponic plants in an empty toilet paper roll . Then , we placed our plants into the hydroponic system in the greenhouse . Our plants showed a very good growth rate while in the greenhouse so then we planted them in the school yard .
The greenhouse and the hydroponic project has been an interesting experience where I have discovered facts of farming . Hydroponic is important since it may be the future of agriculture . Hydroponic system have many advantages because the plants grow without soil and it uses recycled water resulting in organic , hygienic and healthy products .
While doing this project I learned what hydroponics is and the steps of growing a hydroponic plant . I also learned lots about vegetables . I ’ m grateful for this learning experience .