SEVECEN 23 Part2 - Page 14



The project being showcased is called “ Interjection Puppet Show .” The students are required to write a script about a group of characters using interjections while having a fluent and natural conversation . After completing the scripts , the students create their own puppets to act as the characters . Students record their own performances and edit their videos . After the assignment is complete , the videos are shown to the rest of the class and the audience members listen for the interjections to record in their journals .
We ( Nehir , Deniz Dora , Duygu and Emilia ) created a project with an “ under the sea ” theme . We had a lot of fun making our ocean puppets - we love making crafts - and we brought in supplies from home to make our characters more beautiful with glitter and bright colors . We wrote our script with the drama of crime and mystery ! But in the end , all the problems were solved and the characters were happy with each other .
We ( Abidin , Ela , Derin , and Nazım ) really wanted to make a funny puppet show with characters that were surprising . So instead of writing a script about a group of people having a conversation , we wrote a story starring Lebron James ( a famous basketball player ) and three different kinds of meat – his dinner . Lebron has a conversation full of interjections with the meatballs , steak and chicken nuggets that live in his kitchen . He is very surprised that they can speak and they beg him to not eat them , they deserve to live a bit longer !
We ( İpek , Selin , Cem , and Defne ) wanted to write a story that had an important life message to tell the viewing audience . We wrote a script about two magical creatures ( a dragon and a unicorn ) having a refereed fight . The message at the end of the story was that fighting won ’ t get you very far and that being friends will bring you much more happiness in life ! We had a lot of fun making our puppets seem animated for our film . We created lots of different versions of the same characters to show different emotions that they were feeling during the story . This helped our interjections seem more realistic .