Set That June/July 2016 - Page 18

Winter wardrobe


While this year’s winter has been slow off the mark & we’ve been blessed with an unseasonably mild autumn, the coldest season of them all will inevitably roll around once more. As the mercury begins to drop and that good-old winter chill starts to bite, it’s time to dig out those layers and embrace thick coats and cosy knitwear. Have you got your wardrobe winter ready?

We’ve done a quick roundup of our most desired winter essentials to take the stress out of that cold season shopping & give you some inspiration for your next favourite purchase.


The simplicity of the turtleneck’s masculine silhouette appeals to the minimal and modern classic style persona. It is perfect for winter layering and adds an extra snuggly source of warmth around your neck. Worn on its own with a skirt and over-the-knee boots or tucked neatly under your warmest coat, there are endless styling possibilities for this nifty little item.


If there’s one piece of clothing that so clearly defines cool, it’s the classic leather jacket. This edgy, rock-style classic is sure to find its way into your heart and your wardrobe this season. If there’s one thing we can learn from the hoards of celebs & pop culture figures who covet their leather friend, its that this timeless piece pairs so perfectly with everything in your wardrobe; jeans, skirts, LBD’s and every kind of boot. AND it will only get better with wear so get set to don the leather jacket more than a few times this winter!