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Excellence at the heart of your business, International Dear Client, You would like to see your staff improve and want to show them how valuable they are. You have a demanding clientele and you want a renewed, creative, and lively service. ‘‘Service à la Française’’ (SAF) has been designed to meet these needs. SAF covers 240 professions of the best workers in France; it is at the same time an operator of international projects and organiser of trainings and events. SAF organises and implements international missions worldwide and is led by international specialists. In terms of training, we have selected 16 crafts such as Chef (gastronomy), Pastry chef, Delicatessen & catering chef, Cheesemonger, Baker, Chocolatier, Ice-cream maker, Barman, Sommelier, Maître d’hôtel and table art , Pressing and Laundry, Hairdresser-visagist for hotel staff, Wellness and SPA, Hotel florist, landscape gardener. The particularity of our training is that they take place within your establishment; they integrate a “fil rouge” project around which trainings and events are organised, and which will allow trainees to develop their creativity and make this investment profitable. Enhance your establishment through French excellence training: • Make use of the “expertise gained” or “acquired know-how”, • Pamper your regular customers, • Elevate the radiance and image of your establishment, • Get new customers and develop new commercial offers. Convinced that SAF can meet your needs, I look forward for a rendez-vous at your establishment. Vincent LATAPIE, Founder, Service à la Française Service à la Française, international brochure Page | 5