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Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Training programme Landscape gardener The landscape gardener develops and maintains green spaces. He imagines and implements interior plant decorations. He masters different landscaping work by focusing on the cleanliness of the site. He elaborates a plan and executes the project on site. He prepares the soil and does the planting. He applies the necessary care for the proper development of plants. He constructs landscape works (tiling, paving, low walls, edges). Objective of the training Project Strengthen and deepen the knowledge of the trainee to enable him to innovate and create a landscape project and possess all the tools for its realisation within the regulations. The training ends upon realisation of a project. Trainees will be asked to imagine and develop a green space, exterior or interior, with aesthetic and originality. Target This training course is aimed at amateurs and professionals with several years of experience who wants to work in a challenging environment. Training project The training for landscape gardeners will be structured around an educational project in a real-life situation, an educational garden or signature garden. In the case of several groups the training could result in a competition of the best garden based on the techniques and aesthetic. Training content The training is structured around 4 modules that are gradually tackled through numerous practical exercises and theoretical contributions during the 10 days of training. • Concept of gardening, history of gardens, art and aesthetics, • Design a landscape garden from A to Z: know how to read a plan and diagram, make a plan or diagram, design a plan with contours, qualitative – botanical concept: use of various endemic plants, variety of colours and compatibility – the plants: choice of plants (volume, colours) to achieve overall aesthetic effects, the protection of plants, preparation of the planting pits – watering: watering trough, design a watering pit adapted to the site, watering concept, watering plan – fountains and basins – lighting: lighting concept, design an artistic lighting adapted to the site, lighting plan – small civil engineering: design a tiling, paving, low walls, edges • Plan and maintain a landscape project: tiling, paving, low walls, edges, plants, lighting, watering – preparation of soils: earthworks, drainage, weeding, digging – the size and maintenance: trees, shrubs, bed plants, climbing plants, the development of the overall aesthetic effects and maintenance of considerable size, treatment of plants – maintenance of cutting material (disinfection, sharpening), • Drafting of the maintenance booklet of the garden (plants, materials). Duration The duration is two consecutive weeks (10 days). Page | 36