Service à la Française International Brochure Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France - Page 35

Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Training programme Hotel florist He executes all the routine work with dexterity and technicality. He can execute a complex floral arrangement within a given theme, style, with specific techniques, identification of plants, balance and harmony of regulations. He possesses knowledge of the cost of a floral arrangement. Objective of the training Strengthen and deepen the knowledge of the trainee to enable him to: • Be conversant with design techniques of floral arrangement, • Master and know how to realise different decorative styles, • Know how to transcribe movements and expressions in floral arrangements, • Create flower arrangements which correspond with an event. Project The training ends upon realisation of the project. Trainees will be asked to imagine an event and design one or more flower arrangements illustrating the theme. Target This training course is aimed at professionals having first year experience in the florist field and who works or wants to work in a demanding environment. Training content The training is composed of modules that are gradually tackled through practical exercises. • Expressions and movements in floral arrangements: parallel, asymmetry, blurred, fluid, active, bunch, plants, textures and colour movements, plants morphology, balance, proportions, and volumes, • Hydration and shaping techniques: stitching, binding, mounting, pinning, rigging, foam, bulb, • Decoration elements: foliage, branching, jewellery, • Design of classical and innovative floral arrangements: wedding, anniversary, accompanying an event. Duration The recommended duration is two consecutive weeks (10 days). Service à la Française, international brochure Page | 35