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Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Training programme Wellness and Spa This training is aimed at the whole SPA team of luxurious establishments that wish to assess and improve their practices and operation in the fields of reception, service or “grooming”. Training is offered in a wide range of care to acquire the mastering of manual techniques. The practical trainings can be complemented by tools adapted for care and massages. The SPA trainings help to reinforce existing knowledge as well as to acquire new knowledge. Objective of the training This high–level training is aimed at Hotel Spas and luxurious establishments concerned about the quality and refinement of their care and personnel. This training allows for the assessment and reinforcement of the level of professionalism and knowledge of your personnel and the care provided in your Spa and for the implementation of a specific training plan specifically for your establishment. Term of trainers Our training is proposed in pairs. It is conducted by a ‘’Meilleur Ouvrier de France’’, who is a beautician specialising in facial care and body care and another expert specialised in the luxurious spa world. This pairing will allow for optimisation of the training provided. In the professional training world, the trainings are carried out by one person, which reduces the availability of the trainer and the exchange of interactions with the trainees. The listening quality and responsiveness of the complementary pairing increases motivation and dynamism of the course; by promoting productivity, team spirit and corporate strategy. Target The initial duration of the service is fixed for 2 weeks (out of which 1 week is for audit) which will conclude with a restitution in front of the Spa team. Trainers The main trainer, a ‘’Meilleur Ouvrier de France’’ will be accompanied by a second trainer “the mystery client”, whose identity will not be revealed to the Spa team. “The mystery client” is a recognised professional who has been working in the luxury field for years. Training content The initial service is composed of one week of audit and one week of intensive training; refresher training is identified by the audit as being the most urgent. The initial service will lead to a presentation of a training plan, of 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the outcome of the audit and the customers’ training wish. The training plan may include all or some of the following 10 modules. Audit An audit of knowledge, personnel and operation of Spa will be carried out over one week, according to the number of Spas to be assessed. It will start with the visit of the “mystery client” (trainers 1 and 2) who will be revealed at the end of session. This audit complemented by a personalised questionnaire will review the greeting and overall care received. The audit report will be shared with the team and management, and will be the subject of recommendations which will serve as a guide for more urgent refresher training and establishment of a training plan amongst the following 10 modules. Page | 32