Service à la Française International Brochure Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France - Page 30

Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Training programme Hairdresser visagist for hotel He performs all the hairdressing work, by taking and fulfilling responsibilities of his actions within the specified health and safety regulations. He carries out all hair care, all colour effects by colouring, wicking and gradient colouring and performs all styles of permanent hair shaping. Objective of the training The purpose of the training is to allow the hairdresser visagist to style the hair of the hotel staff. Strengthen and deepen the knowledge of the trainee to enable him to do hairstyles that bring together techniques and skills of the trade, put forward his creative abilities, strengthen his mastery of the regulations and knowledge of the trade. The training will allow for learning of the fundamental techniques: cuts, colouring, shaping and traditional processes: Crimping, iron rippling; roots and tips work, straightening. It must also be an opportunity to learn innovative techniques and to acquire knowledge of hair sculpture, shape, volume, and morphology. Project The training is structured around a relooking of the hotel staff (receptionnist, manager, gouvernante etc). It will end with the critical assessment of the work done. Target This training course is aimed at established professionals. Training content The training is structured around one module per week and various themes that are gradually tackled through numerous practical exercises during the 10 days of training. Emphasis may be placed on a theme or technique depending on the needs of the trainees. •  General training (week 1): colourimetry: reminder of basics and work on swatches: identification and choice of colours – colouring and highlights: definition of colour and highlight application on a live model – men’s hairstyle: cut techniques with use of different tools (scissors, feather and razor) – women’s hairstyle: Shaping of permanent classic cuts and new trends, •  Innovation and cosmetology (week 2): knowledge of the most innovative techniques – hair sculpture, shape, and volume – cosmetology and morphology: how to highlight a face, how to analyse a face, morpho – hairstyle proportions, recognise the different types of faces, analyse the style of the client, understand the wishes of the client, harmonise the shape of the hairstyle according to the face’s morphology. Duration The duration is two consecutive weeks (10 days). Page | 30