Service à la Française International Brochure Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France - Page 24

Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Training programme Barman He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the products and drinks used. He has perfect control over making of classic cocktails and the capacity to innovate. He advises clients and knows how to entertain. Objective of the training Strengthen and deepen the knowledge of the trainee to enable him to: • Know how to make classical and modern cocktail, • Manage as much as possible his working environment, • Create cocktails according to an event, • Create a festive and friendly atmosphere in the bar. Project The training will end upon setting up a project. Trainees will be asked to imagine an event and compose cocktails around this theme and design the entertainment at the bar. Target This training applies for professionals with a first experience as a barman and working or wishing to work in a challenging environment. Training content The following areas will be gradually tackled through practical exercises: • Knowledge of the work environment: managing supplies and knowledge of the rules for conservation of products and equipment and its use (shaker, mixing glass, glassware), organisation and setting up of the bar, • Knowledge of cocktails: classification of cocktails, basic ingredients of traditional cocktails, knowledge of herbs, spices and edible flowers, knowledge and location of the main appellations of the vineyards, good practices concerning the handling of equipment, • Creation of cocktails: Blind tasting and commenting on a cocktail, principles for realisation of cocktails (choice of ingredients, choice of glassware, respect of dosages, techniques of pouring), creation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, creation of innovative cocktails, mastering ot the decorations and the effects (colours, decoration, taste), development of cocktail technical sheets, • Entertainment and customer relationship: know the tastes of the client and advise him on a cocktail, create a menu, simple tips for bar decoration, imagine and implement an entertainment accompanied by cocktails created for the occasion. Duration The recommended duration is one week (5 days). Depending on the needs of the trainees and educational objectives, the duration can be increased to 10 days. In this case, themes will be pre-selected, and the number of practical exercises will be adjusted accordingly. Page | 24