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Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Training programme Baker He ensures the baking in all conditions using all methods to obtain products of the highest quality. He manufactures, cultivates, and uses all types of pre–fermentation of lactic or acetic acid. He knows how to make all types of bread, pastries and other bakery products. Objective of the training Strengthen the foundations and deepen the knowledge of the trainee to enable him to: • Perfectly master the classics of bakery, • Bake innovative products, • Bake products adapted to each company, • Bake a range of organic products. Project The trainee will be asked to prepare a special bread that accompanies a dish. Target This training is intended for professional bakers or those having a first experience in baking Training content The training is structured around different specialties which will be specified with the client and which are gradually tackled through numerous practical exercises throughout the training. • The first week will allow alternating between theoretical and practical courses in workshop / laboratory with the objective of having the base to make the following 7 specialties which are discussed in a very detailed way: (1) Traditional French bread, (2) Yeast bread (3) Rye bread, (4) Rustic bread, (5) Baked puff pastries, (6) Viennese pastries, (7) Decorated piece with bread dough party, • The second week will allow you to make variations in bread, special breads, salty or sweet bread such as traditional French bread with liquid yeast on score tray, tradi – seeds baguettes, tradi – seeds curry, old bread, honey, hazelnut, raisins, bisaille, bread with wheat, rye and a mixture of seeds with natural yeast, spelt bread with natural yeast on score tray, chocolate cakes, croissant, chocolate bread, rolled, coconut, pistachio, baked passion raspberry éclair, baked praline passion éclair, brioche with liquid yeast, coconut – sugar crumble island delight complete with cane and lime, ciabatta with two olives, savory tarts etc. Duration The recommended duration is two consecutive weeks (10 days). Service à la Française, international brochure Page | 21