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Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Structure of training Accompanying trainees During the week, the trainer completes an Individual Professional Validation Booklet that testifies the progress of each trainee. At the end of the session, he will receive a certificate of successful participation in a professional training carried out and validated by a ‘’Meilleur Ouvrier de France’’. The quality control of the training will be ensured by SAF. Content of the trainings The content is presented in the following way and consists of: - SAF’s knowledge audit “point zero” The ‘’Meilleur Ouvrier de France’’ trainer assesses the knowledge level through a written test (multiple choice questionnaire) and a practical test (according to previously set objectives). The knowledge audit establishes the “point zero” which will be used to carry out the training and getting to know the trainees. It will also make it possible to assess their progress throughout the training. - SAF’s practical training The training alternates between theoretical sessions and practical exercises. It is done through a project, with over 60% of practical exercises demonstrating the technical constraints of the Training programme. The idea behind this is for the ‘’Meilleur Ouvrier de France’’ to share his know-how within the time frame of the training programme and the students to rapidly learn and develop their own skills. Project “Fil Rouge” SAF training sessions are structured around a project in real-time context (menu, wine or cocktail list, flower bouquets, chocolate pralines for Christmas, educational garden...). We insist on the “practical-useful” side of our training sessions through immersion in your organisation. These aspects will be reviewed when adapting the training programme to your needs. The Event For most of the crafts, given the notoriety and excellence of the ‘’Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’’, the event constitutes the heart of the training. It ensures both the motivation of the trainees and the promotion of an organisation showing its capacity to innovate and offer unrivaled or unmatched entertainment for its customers. Finally, it participates in the funding of the training and beyond. The SAF team is at your service for the organisation event. Organisation of the mission SAF handles everything: clarify the training programme and main events with you, travelling arrangements including visas and the follow up of the training implementation. SAF training rates The SAF training rate includes international transportation, trainer’s fees and general expenses. Service à la Française, international brochure Page | 15