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Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Structure of training Structure of training Trainers’ immersion The particularity of SAF’s training is to provide «turnkey» training and this is regardless of the country, either through direct immersion in your establishment or through your training center. We would like to commit to respect your specificity and preserve your difference. To be closer to your needs, our training can be organised as a tailored service with ‘’Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’’ such as designing fine dining menus, drafting of a wine menulist, a floral design, a garden around your restaurant or an exceptional event: a gastronomic meal, a fashion show amongst others. Training method The recommended duration of SAF training is either one week (5 days), or 2 consecutive weeks (10 days) for a maximum of 15 trainees. During the entire duration of the training, the trainees are strictly monitored and advised by the ‘’Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’’ trainer. Our training combines theoretical contributions in the classroom, demonstrations performed by the trainer, and practical exercises allowing the trainees to implement their knowledge and increase their professional dexterity. Between 60% and 90% of the time, training is dedicated to concrete applications. A project is a key element that runs throughout the training session. A test concludes the training session. All our training sessions are structured around a tailored project in real-life context (development of a restaurant menu, wine or cocktail list, technical papers for floral bouquets, chocolate pralines for Christmas, garden…etc.) We insist on the “practical–useful” side of our training sessions done through immersion within your organisation. These aspects will be reviewed while adapting the Training programme to your convenience. Project “Fil Rouge” Audit Page | 14 Theory Practice Event Theory Practice Test Ceremony