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Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Presentation of selected crafts Gouvernante is responsible for product quality and services related to hotel rooms and common areas within the facility, regardless of its size and its category. He directs, coordinates, supervises and ensures quality work is delivered from the housekeeping team and is in charge of the services offered to the customers within his department. He is in charge of recruitment, animation and training of the personnel within his department. Pressing, Laundry and dry cleaning expert in the usual framework of his professional activity carries out all the cleaning and finish work autonomously, taking responsibility for his professional actions in accordance with the regulations and standards. He knows the techniques for stain removal, glazing, piping, and finishing. He is capable of dyeing in a traditional way. He is an expert in the maintenance of textiles. Hairdresser-visagist of hotel staff carries out all the hair care, all colour effects by colouring, permanent shaping of hair. He practices all types of cuts, temporary shaping, and hairstyles. He does personalised urban, classical, fashionable, stylish, and occasional hairstyles, adapting his creation to the morphology and style of his clients. Wellness and spa expert masters a wide range of treatment and manual relaxing, energising, slimming and toning techniques including foot reflexology, acupressure (Japanese massage), lymphatic drainage for comfort as well as care treatment with water (jacuzzi, affusion shower, jet shower, steam bath, sauna, relaxation cocoon, spa–jet. Hotel florist executes all day to day work: bouquets, designs of all styles, with plants, accessories, supports and contents, dexterity and technicality. He knows how to make a complex floral arrangement. He has thorough knowledge of the systematic and the biotope of flowers and plants, styles (decorative, plants, linear, pièce de forme, and asymmetry), expression of floral arrangement. Landscape gardener creates and builds up exceptional gardens (green space, lighting, watering). He is a great connoisseur of plants; he knows how to associate, plant and maintain them. His know-how includes the design and definition of the work, tasks, teams, materials to be implemented, the choice of suppliers, as well as the execution and coordination of the creation and maintenance work. He provides his services on different fields: earthworks, small masonry, mineral soils. Service à la Française, international brochure Page | 13