Service à la Française International Brochure Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France - Page 11

Training done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Presentation of selected crafts Chef (gastronomy) performs the cuisine, pastry, and the catering work. He has perfect knowledge of the products. He implements all the technical preparation, all types of cooking, simple or complex. He cooks all the products with the help of traditional or scalable materials within the given timeframe. He makes the finishing and dressing on different support by controlling the appropriate temperatures. He shows originality. Pastry chef does all the confectionery and chocolate in total autonomy. He masters all the basic baking techniques used for creation of various pastries, salted pastry products, baking of products and sugar works, nougatines, chocolates, almond pastry etc. He masters the different techniques for assembling and decorating products. Delicatessen & catering chef is the guarantor of an ancient culinary tradition (rillettes de Mans, andouilles de Vire, jambon de Bayonne etc.) His speciality: prepare pork- based food. He also works with other meats (beef, chicken, venison), fish, seafood and vegetables and prepares a large variety of appetisers and meals, hot or cold. The delicatessen–caterer cuts and debones the animals himself, sort and distributes the pieces of meat that he salts and smokes before cooking. Cheesemonger is an expert in dairy products. He perfectly knows dairy products including cheeses (history, production, tasting, preparation). He can stage them in the usual situations of sale, tasting, in presentations such as buffets, trays and exceptional presentations-production of a masterful work. He knows how to choose and refine them to control their evolution to be able to taste their optimum at their organoleptic stage. The candidate is pedagogically able to transmit his knowledge. Baker carries out all the baking in autonomy. He ensures the production phases of products whatever the condition of the materials by using all the work methods to obtain products of the highest quality. He knows how to make all types of bread, pastries, and catering bakery products. He possesses artistic skills which allow him to highlight his products by using decorating techniques. Service à la Française, international brochure Page | 11