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Our Experts Service à la Française Experts: Meilleurs Ouvriers de France France has a tradition that was perpetuated over centuries: it classes, organises and rewards the best French skilled workers and craftsmen through organisations such as ‘‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’’ (over 100 years) or ‘‘Compagnons du tour de France’’ (over 800 years). All SAF experts are holders of an “Excellence Award”. They have all been trained in auditing knowledge since they have all passed the tests proposed during the competitions. They know how to train since learning is for them the main way to access knowledge. Zoom on “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” (MOF) Many craftsmen in France and abroad dream about the MOF in their «blue-white-red collar». The ‘‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’’ competition was created in 1924 to promote “the high qualification in the exercise of a professional activity in the artisanal, commercial, service, industrial or agricultural field”. Only the highly skilled craftsmen obtain this medal, hence the admiration it arises. Frédéric FAURE Meilleur Ouvrier de France Landscape gardener Founding member of SAF The competition is divided into 16 groups and assembles 240 crafts including catering and hospitality (hotel industry), construction and architectural heritage, manufacturing, clothing, jewellery, music, and food. More publicised than others of this group, the cuisine– gastronomy class distinguishes the chefs. List of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’’s crafts Catering and hospitality •Chef (gastronomy) • Maître d’’hôtel • Sommelier • Barman • Gouvernante • Receptionist Food professions • Pastry chef • Delicatessen and catering • Baker • Ice cream maker • Chocolatier • Cheesemonger • Fishmonger • Primeur Building trades, heritage architectural and works public • Carpentry and timber construction • Joinery • Cover-ornemanist • Plumbing, sanitary installation, fontainerie • Floor tile • Building smog • HVAC-heating • Plaster trades-gypserie • Masonry • Art mosaic • Stone crafts • Decorative mirrors • Interior painting decorations • Marble work • Metalwork-locksmith • Art ironwork • Engraver-ornemaniste • Architectural models • Solier • Occupation of the pool Page | 6 Textile and leather crafts • Draftsmen for textiles and wallpapers • Weaving, silk weaving • Fabric printing • Dyeing • Carpet restoration and tapestries • Cleaning, primer • Gainerie and gainerie d’’art • Saddlery Housing professions: wood and furnishing • Cabinetmaking • Joinery in seats • Turner and torsor on wood • Wood sculpture • Restorer of furniture • Tapestry-decoration • Upholstery • Framer-doreur on wood Restorer of paintings Rentoileur • Marquetry • Cooperage • Basketry • Pipier • Traditional lacquer • Shipbuilding wood and composite materials Metal crafts • Art foundry • Ornamental bronze • Goldsmith • Art dinanderie Industry crafts • Boilermaking • Sheet metal work • Body repairer automotive • Manual welding of metals • Tooling, mechanical prototyping • Electrical engineering • Forging • Industrial models • Art and technique of materials synthesis • Modeling, construction • Conception assisted by tooling computer products mechanical • Automotive technology • Energy services trades Earth and glass crafts • Porcelain modeler • Porcelain decoration • Decoration on faience • Glassware, crystal • Art stained glass • Santons • Pottery • Ceramic restoration • Glass blowing with the torch Clothing professions • Modiste • Tailor man • lingerie, corsetry, bra • Ready to wear couture-day • Ready to wear couture-evening Fashion and beauty • Lace • Hand embroidery • Glove • Shoes • Leather goods • Hairdressing • Aesthetics, make-up art Jewellery • Jewellery • Jewellery, precious metals • Polishing in jewellery • Diamond • Lapidary, colored stones • Fine jewellery crimping Techniques of precision • Surgical instruments • Eyewear • Dental prosthesis • Watchmaker-restaurateur • Armory Crafts of engraving • Model engraving, heraldry • Engravin ornamental engraving • Engraving on copper and steel • Glyptic • Enamelling Businesses of communication, multimedia, audiovisual • Printing, communication graphics, multimedia • Binding • Slab on the edge • Gilding • Graphics, Photography • Calligraphy • Illumination • Digital Imaging • Animated Image Trades Crafts related to music • Lutherie-archery • Luthrie-guitar • Traditional instruments Agriculture and Landscaping • Landscaped gardener • Blacksmith • Saddlery, upholstery, harness • Floral art • Food safety Commerce and services • Energy efficiency consulting • Finishing decoration • Optics and eyewear • Taxidermy • Animal grooming