Service à la Française International Brochure Events done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France - Page 14

Events done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Presentation of selected crafts Barman Craft description: The barman is the specialist of bar history, cocktails and all that is relevant to bartending. He masters the preparation of classic cocktails and the ability to innovate. He is the one who welcomes the client, advises, and takes care of the client throughout the service. He shows the extent of his talents and maps out a style that is specific to him. Event idea: The barman will be able to make original cocktails for your customers to do the animation during a “Barman show”, juggle and to demonstrate his originality and skills. Animal Grooming Craft description: He bathes, combs, shears, and plucks pets of all breeds according to the standards in force or the desire of the customers. He must show skill, patience, understanding for the dog to perform his care with serenity. Event idea: The groomer will be there to prepare an exceptional Pet Show combining the world of fashion with the exhibitions of your favourite animals. Page | 14