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Excellence at the heart of your business Dear Client, You would like to organise an exceptional event such as a wedding or a company anniversary, develop an eventful offer and energise your company by contacting new clients? Create a gastronomic, wine or cheese week? SAF covers 240 professions of the best workers in France; it is at the same time a manager of international projects and organiser of trainings and events. SAF organises and implements international missions worldwide and is led by international specialists. Who has never wished for the best for an event to be truly unique? SERVICE A LA FRANCASE (SAF) and the ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’ can give you the answer with 11 professions that offer a wide number of opportunities so that you can have something exceptional. • A ‘MOF’ Chef that can execute a meal for a feast • A ‘MOF’ Pastry chef that can create the most sumptuous cakes • A ‘MOF’ Florist that can do the decorations for a dinner • A ‘MOF’ Hairdresser – Visagist that can makeup and style the guests at your wedding • A ‘MOF’ Fashion Designer that can create the wedding dress of your dreams The ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’ can respond to your event needs since they can prepare events as well as contribute to it and make it truly exceptional. Convinced that SAF can meet your needs, I look forward for a rendez-vous at your establishment Vincent LATAPIE, Founder, Service à la Francaise Service à la Française, international brochure - Events done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Page | 5