Service à la Française International Brochure Events done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France - Page 18

Events done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Presentation of selected crafts Grand florist hotel Craft description: The florist creates beautiful bouquets, designs of all styles, with plants, accessories, support and contents, with dexterity and technicality. He knows how to make a complex floral arrangement. He knows the flowers and plants, styles (decorative, plants, linear, pièce de forme, and asymmetry), expression of floral arrangement. Event idea: The florist intervenes for the decoration of your exceptional evenings, a dinner or a wedding, but have you ever tried a florist for an original fashion show where the dresses are replaced by flowers? Landscape Gardener Craft description: The landscape gardener carries out the preparatory work, which includes design and reading of a plan, masters graphic representations (materials, plants), various elements of decoration, scales, planimetry, altimetry. He calculates, sets up, dimensions, and manages his job, even the financial aspects of it. He masters arrangement techniques based on materials.. Event idea: What’s more original than inaugurating the brand-new garden of your establishment during a garden party or a wedding? Page | 18