Service à la Française International Brochure Events done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France - Page 12

Events done by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Presentation of selected crafts Baker Craft description: The baker carries out all the baking. He knows how to make all types of bread, pastries, and catering bakery products. He possesses artistic skills which allow him to highlight his products by using decorating techniques. Event idea: The baker will make a buffet or breakfast around the bread and pastries for an equally exceptional event: wedding, birthday, honeymoon, etc. Chocolatier Craft description: The chocolatier masters all the base techniques used for production of chocolates and sugars. He does all the different masses (ganaches and masses de fourrage, giandujas, pralinés, chocolate drinks, interior liquors, hard and soft cooked sugar, masses aérées, fruit pastry, jellies, jams, candied fruits, gums, almond pastry, and derivatives). Event idea: The chocolatier will make a sculpture or dessert made of chocolate (Easter egg ...), alongside your chef, a gourmet meal with “chocolate flavours”. The chocolatier can also share his passion for chocolate at a conference that will end with a tasting. Sommelier Craft description: The sommelier oversees the restaurants cellar: he chooses the wines, purchases them, and drafts a v ɥɥԁѼѡѡ)х͡и!́ɕ͕Ёѡɽɥ)͕٥Ѽ٥͔ѡ́ѼՍЁݥ͕٥)!́ѡمɥ䁽́͡ݽɭ͕́ݥѠѡ)! )ٕЁQͽȁɕє)ݥѠȁ䁵эݥ́Ѽѡ̰͡ѕٕ)䁱ɕȰɝ͔ݥхѥѡȁݥ)ѥم̀]ݕ)A)ܹ͕٥Ʌ͔