September '17 Magazines 89144 - Page 54

54 October 10 10.1 & 12 – Entertainment at Summerlin’s Starbright Theatre Starbright Theatre, 2215 Thomas Ryan Blvd. Sun City Community Theater Club presents “Johnny Cash Tribute” (10.1) and “An Evening with Cher, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Many More” (10.12). Visit for tickets. 10.3 – Live Designer Charity Showcase Martin Lawrence Gallery @ The Forum Shops At this one-of-a-kind live competition, up-and-coming designers will design and create a piece right in front of the audience. Pieces will then be auctioned off, with proceeds benefitting Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. Contact Dalton Primeaux at for info. 10.5-8 – Las Vegas Wine and Food Festival Red Rock Casino & Resort, 11011 W. Charleston Blvd. Titillate your senses at this extravagant festival featuring wine, cuisine, chocolate, beer, champagne, an exquisite dinner by a celebrity chef and more in a luxurious setting. Visit for tickets and info. 10.6 & 7 – UNLV Rebel Hockey City National Arena, 1550 S. Pavilion Center Dr. The UNLV Rebel Hockey team heats up the ice in action packed, back to back matches against the University of Utah Swoops. Visit for info. 10.7 – Discovery Children’s Museum The Magic of Discovery Gala Tower Ballroom @ Bellagio, 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd. MARVEL-ous black tie attire with a superhero spin is a must for this spectacular event to raise funds for the nonprofit museum’s exhibits and programs. The evening’ \]]Y\[[YHZ[[\H]HZ[ B[\ܛX[H[]X[ۋ[ L L H܈[ˈ L 8$ ܙ[X[[\X\[[Z\\ L Hˈ\[ۈ]K[[܈\܈[[]X\ۙ][ۜ]\ RXH[ KZ[H[[[Y]B[[&\X\[][ۋ\]˘ܙY\\L 8$XX]\\[]\X[  LX\[[K\\[][] [X[X[[XX]\\ X]\[H\Y]HوYHX[ܙY[B[X\\[ۈ[\\K[ۙ]ޙ[وX[[[\[ܜˈ܈[ܙH[\]˝[^ZX[\[[K][˂L 8$[Y\X[[\Y]x&\ MۜX[ۈˈ[\[\۞H\]YYX[HZ][\\[\]YH[Z\[\][[Y]ܘ[\وH[Y\X[[\Y]H]YX]X[\]Y[œ][H]\&\X]وX\ޙ\[^]]ܜˈ\]˘[\ܙX] ]\[ ۙ]YK[܂[˂L N8$Z[\[^H[\H ][X[ܘ\H\Z[\[^H[\K L[\H [X]HHX\ۘ[ܘ\H\\ [ [[[ۜ]\ Y^H][ \]]Y\[YHHܘ\H\\]][ۋ[H\[ ]H]\X\\[ܘYY\[HY\[H[HوHYX\X][[]˜Z[\[\KK][˂L  M  H 8$]\Z]]H[\[\[”[\\K ˈ[^HY] ]]H[Y\X[وHZ]]HXH]H^YYH[[H[HܞH][\\H\[ ^\Y[HܚY\Y][ۘ[\[ܘY\\[[Z[[[[\YHXHY[X\™]\H]\^H[]Y\ \]˜[\\Kܙ܈[˂L H8$SX[[[HYY][K K\[ Y\ۈHX[H]HYX[Y[]\HYH[Y\YZ[[YY]H L H[]Z]B L JK[ KQS܈\]˝[X]˘H܈X][[ܛX][ۋL  M  H 8$]H\Y\X\]]H[YK ˈ[\\ [H\\HXHZ][Y]X\[\]YHܘY][H[[ܙH[H[Z[]H]\X[[HY]و]H[YK\]˝]][Y[H܈[˂L L8$YHو]\]Yx&\ [X[ܝ[H\Bӈܝ\Y\ ̌ X\^Y[H]K\YHZ\\HX]\\[\]YH]\XY[[\Y\[\]]H[\ܙX]YH[ B[Y[Y[][Ӹ&\Y[ܘ\H[[Hܘ[KX\[܈H]\\[[۞H[BH][Z\ˈ[ MLKM LH܈[˂L L8$]][H\ۘ\[۝[Y[YHZH\Y\ MHHHY“Y[X\وH]][H\[][۸&\[KX[Z[[[\\Y[ܘ[\[Y[BY^HX[Y\\ܛZ[\ܘ[K[ZHHYH܈H[[Z\YHۘ\ \]˛Z[\ݙY\][˘H܈[