September '17 Magazines 89144 - Page 45

Some of the themes that have been tackled in the past include Wild Nevada Cookery (think duck, rabbit, pheasant, trout, game meat stew, Johnny cakes with juniper sage mus! tard and more); OPA!, a variety of Greek dishes including Dolmades, Spanakopita and salt baked Pescadero; and the artful cuisine of Japan, where all the traditional, delicate components of Japanese cooking were represented. A holi! day entertaining course caught my eye, so I grabbed a friend and dragged our husbands along, where they promptly fit right in, glass of wine in hand. Our particular class was not only recipe driven, but focused on presentation techniques that would set our holiday party table apart. I like to think of myself as a Pinteresty smarty pants in this area, but the tricks of the trade presented were both helpful and thought provoking. Recipes including homemade eggnog that was actually light and refreshing and a variety of knockout appe! tizers and gift items rounded out the skills encountered. That the guys could finally experience the work that goes into entertaining was worth the price of the class, but be pre! pared for a full evening of both work and play, culminating in a sit down dinner that satisfies brain, body and palate. For a list of events or more information, visit ◆