September '17 Magazines 89144 - Page 41

A Step Above West Career and Technical Academy Student Body President Zachary Marks doesn’t know exactly where he’ll be in 10 years, but he can tell you this: “I want to do something with my life that will bet- ter the lives of others.” Whether that path involves joining a nonprofit, local politics, or traveling abroad, he’s ready for the challenge. In preparation, each day he makes a conscientious decision to choose positivity over defeatism; to find fast solutions rather than dwell on problems; and to use his strengths to lift others up. For now, his intention is to leave a lasting legacy for the class of 2018 while being the best student and leader he can be, and for that, Zachary Marks is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.4 Sports: • Taekwondo, 2004-2015 • Taekwondo–1st degree Black Belt, 2014 • Guitar, 2010-Present • High School Worship Leader, 2015-Present • WCTA Student Council Ambassador, 2015-2016 • WCTA Student Body 2nd Vice President, 2016-2017 • WCTA Student Body President, 2017-2018 • National Honor Society, 2016-Present • Shadow Hills High School Leadership Team, 2016-Present • WCTA Thirst Project Member, 2016-Present Awards/Community Service: • Hugh O’ Brian Youth Leadership Alumni, 2016 • Bronze President’s Volunteer Service Award, 2017 • Student Council National Gold Council of Excellence, 2014-Present • Student Council Silver Star Award, 2014-Present • NASC Midlevel Junior Counselor, 2016 • Work Readiness Skills Certification, 2017 • Environmental Science Career and Technical Education Certification, 2017 • National Association of Student Councils National Conference Delegate, 2017 • Western Leaders Summit Delegate, 2017 • Mob Museum, 2015-2016 • Las Vegas Rescue Mission, 2013-2015 • Giving Grizzlies Mentorship Club Mentor, 2016-Present Tell us about your election to Student Body President. “I worked hard to win my election and ran against three extremely close competitors who are all close friends. This election is a way for me to help my council reach its full potential and serve my school by improving school culture and creat- ing unity.” What is Thirst Project? “Thirst Project is an amazing non profit organization that is fighting the global water crisis, one student at a time. I love Thirst Project because it focuses on student engage- ment, which I believe is vital for the success of any student. It allows them to feel connected to other people who are less fortunate.” Can you explain your motto “Have to vs. Get to”? “This motto has shifted my perspective on life and the opportunities we have every single day. I replaced the phrase ‘have to’ in my life with the phrase ‘get to’. This simple shift has made me realize that everything in life is a privilege. Work, school, chores, obligations, even homework: all of these are amazing things that we are gifted with.” What makes you successful? “I believe that I am successful because of my personality. It’s easy for me to talk to people and create close relationships. My high energy helps to create a positive envi- ronment and also lifts the spirits of others. I make sure that I remain dedicated to any job that I am tasked with, and I ensure it is done to my best ability.” September/October 2017 2018 Zachary Marks 41