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About All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner! Turn up the creep factor in the coming months at these wicked cool, crazy scary haunts in and outside Vegas. Fear the Walking Dead Survival Attraction: Las Vegas’ newest thrill attraction is now open at the Fremont Street Experience, beckoning fans of the hit AMC show and anyone looking for an immersive, inter- active zombie-fied experience. Equal parts thrill ride, maze, haunted house and interactive video game, this technologically advanced attraction puts the horror in horrific. The Haunted Lockdown: We featured this paranormal hotspot in Livin’ Local not long ago, but the lockdown at Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, Nevada is worth revisiting if you’re in for a bona fide Smith Center Receives National Recognition for a Job Well Done The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is much more than a world-class venue for Broadway plays, concerts, ballets and more. It’s a nonprofit organization dedicated to the expan- sion of arts in all forms into the community and, most importantly, as an enrichment to the education of children throughout the valley. In 2008, The Smith Center partnered with the acclaimed Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts to provide the regional SNWT program, making Las Vegas just one of 16 cities nationwide to host the initiative. Through SNWT, professional teachers of the arts train local preschool teachers to innovatively incorporate drama, music and movement into their curriculum. Why is this so important? Because research shows that incorporating arts-based strategies can enhance young children’s develop- mental skills, improving outcomes in key areas including literacy, compre- hension, language and social skills. Recently, The Smith Center received a $100,000 grant from the National William Randolph Hearst Foundation, which will be used to fund an expan- sion of SNWT in the 2017-2018 school year. Thanks to this generous grant, 1,500 Southern Nevada preschool students from low-income households will be the beneficiaries of this unique educational enhancement program. That’s something we can all dance about! ghost sighting. You’ll cruise through the bar from midnight to 4 a.m. with ghost hunting equipment listening for the three ghosts said to haunt the joint, probably see some spectral images, and definitely get a chill up your spine. The Clown Motel: If you have Coulrophobia (intense fear of clowns), don’t go to this dated hotel in Tonopah, NV. Clowns, clowns every- where. Plus it’s allegedly haunted by victims of a plague. And it’s next to an eerie historical graveyard. While few reviewers on Facebook reported paranormal activity in their rooms, all were blown away by the owners’ sprawling collection of clowns. Find them on Facebook; don’t say we didn’t warn you. Trilogy of Terror: Freakling Bros. is back this October with terror three ways: The Coven of 13, Castle Vampyre, and the R-rated Gates of Hell. What’s so special about the R rating? Well, unlike other haunted houses where the freaks and ́ѡȁх䁕ѕɥѡѕ)1 (ĸԁ-1Ʌ́Y(ԁ1)ե(ԁMQ M(ԁ]є) ٽե)ݡє͡ȁݥѠ)M٥ɽͱ䁅ɅѼ̰)͕٥ѡɽ́ȁݥѠѡQ)ݕȁȁɹ͠)ȁѡͥQ)ЁݥѠՅ́݅ѕȁ)՝쁉ɥѼѡ܁ѼѼ)ɽѕɅɔ)IѕQ MɕхɅ(\]ɴMɥ́I)AѼ5ͽɕ)!ԁ͕ٔЁȁѡձ́ѼѽՍe=T%ӊeݡ)!չѕ!ٕȁɔ䵙ɥ䁅ȰMɥ́Aɕ͕ٗe)!չѕ!ٕЁ́ѡɥ́ɕ́ѡ͕ͽݥѠ)͔хձȁոQɕЁхѥ́ݥ͕Ёѡɽ՝)ѡɬѕ䁍ɹم̰ɍ́ѥ٥ѥ̰ѥ)齼%dɅ̰ٔѕхЁɔ́ݕ)Mɥɕ͕ٔɜ(؁MѕȽ=ѽȀ)ԁЁЁи ɥȁ̸͡ɕɽ̹)QɅѥ٥́Ѽѕ)́ѕ́ѼѡѠ䁥)ɬݡɔɕ́ݽձ)ѡȁՍѽ́ݥѠ)́ͥѡݕɔͥٔ)ɐѼٕ