September '17 Magazines 89138 - Page 55

10.13-15 – Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival Sunset Park, 2601 E. Sunset Rd. Relive the days of medieval pageantry with knights in shining armor, costumed lords and ladies, arts and crafts, live entertainment, jousting and an unending parade of fascinating characters. Visit for tick- ets and information. 10.13-15 & 20-31 – HallOVeen at the Magical Forest Opportunity Village, 6300 W. Oakey Blvd. Opportunity Village once again beckons ghouls and goblins of all ages out for spooky rides and attractions, from the Forest Express Ghost Train to Rod’s Monstrous Mini-Golf and much more. Visit for info. 10.13-15 & 20-22 – Super Summer Theatre Presents Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Spring Mountain Ranch, Highway 159, Blue Diamond The outdoor theater fun continues through fall with the Off-Season Series, this month featuring one of Tennessee Williams’ best known works. Visit for tickets. 10.13-15, 20-22 & 27-29 – Haunted Harvest Springs Preserve, 333 S. Valley View Blvd. Trick or treat stations, carnival games, circus activities, a petting zoo, crafts, live entertainment and more Spooktacular fun await all who dare enter the Springs Preserve’s annual Haunted Harvest. All ages welcome. Visit for info. 10.14 – 2017 Monster Energy Cup Sam Boyd Stadium, 7000 E. Russell Rd. Watch all the fast-paced action as the world’s all-star Supercross riders go head-to-head in a battle for the cov- eted Monster Energy Cup and the chance to win $1 million, the largest prize in motorcycle racing. Visit for tickets. 10.14 – Oktoberfest: Cabrera Conducts Beethoven, Mozart & Bruckner Reynolds Hall @ The Smith Center, 361 Symphony Park Ave. The Las Vegas Philharmonic ushers in fall with a lively performance combining some of the most prolific com- posers rooted in Austro-German Romanticism. Donato Cabrera conducts with Cory Tiffin on clarinet. Visit for details. 10.14 – 9th Annual Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Race and Festival Lake Las Vegas Rowing teams from all walks of life come together at this unique dragon boat racing event to raise funds for St. Rose Dominican’s R.E.D. Rose cancer screening program. Event also features Asian-inspired entertain- ment and family activities. Register your team at 10.30-11.5 – Shriners 10.19 – Village Square Third Thursdays Hospitals for Children Open Village Square, 9400 W. Sahara Ave. TPC Summerlin, Enjoy all the Village Square has to offer and some good old fashioned family fun, complete 1700 Village Center Cr. with a car show, local vendors, food, raffles, children’s play area and music every third This year’s exciting, week-long event fea- Thursday. Visit for info. tures Clark County School District Day, the 10.21 –Pumpkinman Triathlon Lake Mead National Park Charley Hoffman Foundation Las Vegas Pro Each year, thousands of seasoned athletes and novices alik RvFW"BRVBF6p6fbW"VV2V6Vf vBFW( &RFRbgVbB7&BF7F6RG&F2F^( fRvBvB@FW2FR66&BFW3f6Bwwr&'67G&6F&Vv7FW"tFW"6WFFf"Cb֖Ɩ#( 2fVv2fW&fW7Ff&Rf6Bwwr6&W'67FФ7F&2WF7G&VWB66C2GF7B6V6f"&Vv7G&F@WFR7VW'2FVFW"B6&G&W"vƖvBFR&vW7BƗFW&'WfV@FWF2খ2fVv2fVGW&rfW7FfFW2f"&VFW'2bvW2&6vw2B6W2f6@wwrfVv7fW&fW7Ff&rf"FWF2BgV66VGVR#( 2FvFv'&WrfW7Ff6&6VGvfW&VB6VFW"S2w&B6VG&wF66fW"&VW"vRWrv6RfW"#7&gB&VW'2g&fW"c'&WvW&W26VV7FbfBFP'6VV'&G6Vg2BV6V7F2ƗfRW66W&f&6W2fBwwrFvFv'&WvfW7Ff6#B( 26vGW&R&GV7F2&W6VG2ƗfW 7VW&ƖƖ'&'BW&f&֖r'G26VFW"ssW"6&6RG"&6VBFR6&W2F6V2fV( ƗfW"Gv7N( F2FVW72W66fw2FR7F'bW&6V@'ƗfW"vfG266WF6RrFWfW2BWfVGVǒFRG'VRfRbf֖ǒf6@wwr6vGW&W&GV7F2WBf"F6WG2#b( 2FRb7F'26&R6&VPVWV'ƗfRWfVB6VFW"r&WfRfR7BVF^( 2&6f"6G&V7G2F2VVvB&VRFR&VVfBfVGW&rVFW'FVBFW"V7F2@&Rf6Bwwr7FVFW7&6&rf"&RFWF2#( 2vƲFVBǦVW.( 0Fv7V&RccR2fVv2&fB6दFRǦVW"w2766Ff"F2gVB7&rWfVBF&6Rv&VW72BgVG2f"ǦVW 6&R7W'BB&W6V&6f6B7BǢ&rf"&Vv7G&FBfSP