September '17 Magazines 89135 - Page 65

Who doesn’t love a cabana? This lovely chaise area wrapped in a "green wall" and overhead arbors added a strong resort component to the yard. Private, yet front and center to the pool area, it’s a go-to place to relax, grab some rays and chat the day away. Creating secret nooks throughout the backyard provide the privacy and tranquility the residents craved. A fire pit tucked into a secret garden, lush landscaping, architectural details and stone walkways connect the spaces for flow, yet provide options for escape. ◆ ership of lifelong Nevadan Leslie G.Parraguirre, has built a solid reputation as one of Nevada’s finest and most prestigious interior design firms. For information or a consultation, visit or call (702) 233-1333. Colours, Inc., established in 1988, under the lead- 65