September '17 Magazines 89135 - Page 35

Why Culinary? “My love of food propelled me into culinary. I was studying psychology at the turning point in my career path and, at the time, it wasn’t something I felt would fulfill me as a long term career. Shortly after graduating, I enrolled in the French Culinary Institute (FCI) in New York and had the opportuni- ty to go to Italy through a work-study program through the Institute. I was submerged into the Italian culture and lan- how to respect them. As a young kid growing up in Maryland, you look at crab, truffle and more elaborate ingredients, whereas now at a farmer’s market seeing an heirloom tomato at its peak and roasting that over homemade pasta is my favorite thing ever!” How did you rise in the ranks at Wolfgang Puck? “At the beginning of my career 2ƖR6B7V6'wVvRBWfW'6vRFvfvrV6BFR60BFR6pB7'7F2V&VBFP66&Fǒv2V&rFffW"ЦVB&VvFǒ@FRG&FFFW0vFFVFW&V@'FW&Fǒf"'@bFRFRBFV&62FV6VW2vVशVWB6R( v267&VB'W6rFR&W7@w&VFVG2BVFpFV'WBFfRFV&Vǐ6RF&VvF62&Vǐגw&VFW7B66Ɨ6VBऒ&V6RƖR6@W&b7V6'vfvrV6p7V6'vfvpV6V&VB@g&WV7WFfR6V`6WFW&Fǒ6&GW7FWvFw6FVf"FRFW"'BBv0ƖfR6vrƗfrFW&R@Bv2FW&RFBfVBגfPbFƖ7V6RB7Fr( ФBFR'GVGFv&VFW"6VbW&2V@7v2fVv2BFRf'V60B6W6'2FW&FFVvBRrF@FR&r7GW&RvRFW"6Vg2rF&R'W6W76B&6R'VFvWBpFW'27FFF2F( 'VFrF6PVVVG2Bv26rח6VbvW&R6( V&r&Vv7V6RFǒFRRBw&VFVG2g&6Ɨ7F27FGB@F&WGFW"N( 2fW'F&ƖrFRB( Ц67FFǒV&r( Х6WFV&W"7F&W"#pvB2B&WBFƖ7V6RF@7V2FS3