September '17 Magazines 89128 - Page 6

Letter from the Editor Once Labor Day arrives I feel like the rest of the year is a blur. It seems one minute we’re splashing in the pool and packing for summer vacation, and in the next, the kids are back to school, we turn our attention to the latest and greatest of pumpkin recipes, and jack-o-lanterns find themselves perched on the porch. Turkey, eggnog and invitations for holiday parties come into play in the blink of an eye. The fact is, ready or not, the holiday season is inching upon us. But first it’s Halloween, and with it brings fright night festivities you won’t want to miss. I love our annual Halloween recipe issue. We diligently try to present something new, delicious and just a little bit scary to your holiday table. Dishes, that while easy to make and tasty to devour, coax a ghoulish grin from friends and family alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to be the star of your child’s school party, or simply the go-to place where ghosts and goblins come to play year after year, our Love of Food article (pg 22) will give you great ideas to make terrifyingly delicious food and drinks, sure to be the hit of any gathering. Often overlooked on Halloween are our four legged friends. You may not be aware, but Halloween is the second most dangerous holiday for our pets, only behind the 4th of July. Noise, candy, strangers and opened doors are just waiting to create havoc. In our Petpourri article this month (pg 46) Cathy Brooks, dog behavioral professional and owner of The Hydrant Club, provides us with helpful hints on keeping your pets safe, while the super heroes and zombies of the evening participate in their favorite monstermash festivities. Our Circle the Date (pg 52) calendar is full of great happen- ings in both September and October. Musical events and festivals of all kinds are in abundance, and with the fabulous weather we’re blessed with during these months, it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy them. We list as many of them as we can before our deadline, but with a variety of new events being announced every day, a trip to our online calendar for a fresh update is definitely in order. If you’re interested in being “in the know” on what’s happening in your neighborhood, plan a visit to our website at to check out on-line calendar listings. I hope you enjoy the September issue, and I look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood. Greg GREG WAGONSELLER Editor-in-Chief