September '17 Magazines 89128 - Page 59

Local Artisan Alex P. Huerta The inspiration for me as an artist (and a human) comes from the simple understanding that I love people. I love the human experience. I love my creator. I love who I've become. I love that I'm an artist. I love that I'm self-taught. Creating artwork has led me to my path and purpose. “TRUTH IS A HARD PLACE TO GET, BUT AN EASY PLACE TO STAY.” This quote by artist Alex Huerta exemplifies everything the man, artist and mentor to many stands for. Rising from a place of self loathing iso- lation and alcohol addiction, his art became his truth, pulling him from the trenches of a dark and hopeless existence to a life filled with light, ac 6WF6RBW"V6RFR&rB6WvBg&VWF2VƗG`2'Gv&&VfV7BFR7G'VvvW2b27CWBFR2f6`gVWV&W&6RvƖrFV6W&vRB6&RvFFW'22W2Ч6vRbR&VFVFBfRbvBB7&BvR6VBW&WBFRW&W2vgBb7Vv&BBvƗfrRFBFR27V6VrआrFBR&VvW"ƖfR2'F7Cג7F'2'F7B&VvRvRfWvr6V7Fb'Gv&&VrF2ЧVBBFRwFVF22vV7&VFrB&V6֖r'F7Bf'7BVFW&V@גFVvG2v2#V'2Bv&r7'G2&BVFrFv&G26V`FW7G'V7F&VvBG2B6f2FRfvrV"BfV( BVB&6ऒwfR&VVגV6T'B7GVFf"7BRV'2r7&VFrB6VƖr'@gVFR&62VƖRW"fVB^( &RgVFR'F7BvBFW2G6FƖRf"SגF2fR&WWFFW2GFW&bvrV&ǒBFWVFrFRFbFPvVVVFW"vFFR7GVF"f'7BvFגFǗ62G&VFVB( fR&VV&WV&V@FFFǗ6266RW72FRfW"V'2BvFWBBGVRFFWG&2ЧBFBWfVGVǒfVBBFR7GVFvWBF7W'&VBV6W>( gv&rFV6FVFrFVBG'rFF66fW"6RF2&RfVBvFFW"VRw0VW&vW22FWf6B"VWBFRvFג֖B'WB( v2&GV6p'Bגv&6&R6VVג7GVFv2EDb'W6W76W2&VBFRfЦW2vV2W2FBF7ג&v26WFV&W"7F&W"#rS