September '17 Magazines 89128 - Page 36

In the Kitchen You got a lot of help, but aren’t chefs pretty competitive with one another? “They absolutely are, but I’d say supporting other chefs and seeing them do well for themselves is greater. Thankfully we work in a culinary environment and city where there are so many specialties and world renowned chefs that you have the ability to spend time with and learn the way they carry out their operations. Without Chefs Dustin & Eric, I wouldn’t be where I am/who I am today. I’m thankful that I’ve worked in a company like the Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group where that message really transcends.” How do you come up with ideas for new recipes and what’s your favorite? “For me it’s coming up with the main focus of the dish and It’s long hours and hard work. Why do you do it? building compliments around it to make the centerpiece really shine. That also applies to what’s seasonal. If you have the freshest product, one that perhaps just hit its peak, it’s really incredible to bring the flavors forward and have your guests completely enjoy it. The Brick Chicken Calabrese we have at Bar & Grill is my favorite dish to make here. We start with a 48-hour marinade of Calabrian chili- citrus-base. Once out of the marinade, we cook it on the 36 grill and it’s finished with chili paste. Then it goes onto a skillet to cook under a brick (yes an actual brick) ȁ(ȁѕ́ٔȁхٕхϊM)ѽѽϊMѡɔԁٔЄ%ӊéɕ䁵)ٽɥє͔եєͥ䰁ӊé̇t+q$ٔѡхЁѥѡ͠ѡɥ$)ݡ'eѡ́ݕ́٥ͥѥݥѠȁՕ̰ͽ)ݡ$ɸӊéѡȁЁѥݥѠ̸ Ё$)ѡ́ɽͥȁ䁙$ѡ́́䁱ٕ)ɕЁɡɕхɅЁȁ̰܁́Ѽ͕)ѡȁ͔䁙ѡЁѽ́ȁ́ɽ)ѥѼѥ%ӊéɕ䁵䁡݅䁙ɽt)ȁٽɥєє+q$ɕ܁5居ѡ́ѕȁѡɕ͠)͕Ёٕѕˊ5居ɅɥݥѠ=) ͕ͽ!́ݸӊé䁙ٽɥєt^