September '17 Magazines 89128 - Page 32

Tell Us About... Art Bus Coffee How does the coffee fit in? I’ve had a passion for good coffee since I first tasted the differ- Finding unique home décor and art can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for orig- inal pieces that reflect your own personal style. And, it goes without saying, that view- ing art online or in a retail setting certainly isn’t optimal, as you can’t see what the piece will look like in the very room you intend to put it in. This was the problem artist Steve Patchin, owner of Patchin Pictures, intended to conquer. A successful photographer for more than 30 years, he’s devised a unique approach to viewing and selling innovative works of art, all while enjoying a delicious cup of Joe. Get ready for Art Bus Coffee, an art and coffee experience that’s served up in an eclectic, English double decker bus that rolls directly to your door. Steve tells us about his idea, what he hopes to accomplish and how you can experience the Art Bus Coffee phenomenon. ence between the canned, over-warmed, stale-smelling brown How did you come up with the idea of a mobile art and coffee experience? Where can people visit the bus around town? Do you have events? For years, I had wanted to find a way to bring art directly to people so they didn't have to go out to an art gallery or to a store on The Strip. I thought about a van, then a bus, but it didn't gel until I saw an English double decker bus in a picture. That's when I got the idea of putting coffee downstairs and art upstairs. Beyond just the pure enjoyment of the English bus experience, it’s an opportunity for people to purchase unique and affordable art pieces that they won't see anywhere else. Because we're mobile, we go to them with the pictures and take them into the spaces where our customers plan to display the art. This way, we can see which pieces work best in any location or the direction we want to go, so we can come back with more works that fit the decor or have the desired impact. liquid my parents drank, to a properly roasted, ground and brewed cup of elegance I first discovered in a fine restaurant many years ago. The satisfaction from tasting a good cup of cof- fee is very much like the satisfaction from seeing a good work of art. They both feel right. We spent months researching and choosing the right coffee, espresso, tea and flavors. The drinks are usually the first impression people get of the bus, and it's all part of the experience. While enjoying an outstanding coffee or espresso, patrons may relax among the art. Because we're both a coffee bus and an art gallery, we have the special pleasure of being part of food truck events as well as art events. We post scheduled public events and routes on our website Still, the best way to experi- ence Art Bus Coffee is to invite us to your home or office. Depending on the situation and potential customers, you may either buy out the bus for a certain number of coffee drinks, have us sell the coffee directly, or, in the ͔ɥمє)ٕ̰ȁݽɭݥѠѕɥȁ̰ͥݔ͕ٔѡ)]ЁЁ́啐ѡ)ѡЁѡ́ɔɕ́'eٔɕѕɥѕ͕MɔɅѥ)ѽɅ̰ݡѡ́ɔٕ䁍ѕͥѕ́ѽɅѡ)ٽٔѡхѥѕՕ́'eٔɕȁ啅̸eԁձͅ$)锁مɥ聱͍̰͍̰ɔɅаɅɥɼ)ȵ͡䁅ͽаɕѥɕͥѥɕͥѥ쁥Ё́)ݡЁ́ѕɕѥѼЁѡѥQɕ́ɔمɥ䁽Ց)хɅѼɥ̰Ʌم̰ݡ䁉չ̵́ȁɅ)Ѽ́ȁɕ)]ݽձѡəЁєѼɔѡ) )役ѡ̰$ɅԁѼ٥ͥЁ́Ё)ȁ̸ٕᅵ́ȁѽ́Ց聥ѕɥȁͥ)́ݡ݅ЁѼѡȁ́ѡɥЁݽɬѼэ)ѡȁ屔쁥٥Յ́Ʌѥѡȁݸ́ȁ́ѡ)ɔȁѥձȁɕ́ѼЁѡȁ٥ɽ)쁡́ݥѠͥȁݽɬѡЁՑ̰()չ͍́ȁѡѥݽɬ쁽ȁݽɭݡ)ɕ䁡٥ͽձɔЁѡȁݽɭ%Н)ѡəЁ͍ɥAɔٕ䁕፥ѕݡѡ͕ѡ)̰ٕɔ፥ѕݡѡ䁝ЁѼɐ])ٔЁѼȁݥѠѡ́ɥQ) ́ ȴЁȁ٥ͥЁ