September '17 Magazines 89117 - Page 60

Your journey has taught you so many things about life, self accept- ance and living one day at a time. How do you share this with others? I do feel the art of understanding people and conversation has always been a way for me to feel stimulated, if not creative. My mom always told me, "Alex, you talk to hear yourself talk," so it’s not surprising that I enjoy having conversations as well as doing public speaking. I started speaking to school kids while I volunteered at the Shannon West Youth Shelter, teaching art and talking with the mandatory group of young- sters. In 2016, I was invited to speak six times in front of different groups. The future is not on my mind much; I live today only. So if I can help a troubled person find their way by talking about my experiences, helping them to live each day as their best, that’s a good day for me. You love our city and the Downtown Arts District. How has it influ- enced your work? Living in Las Vegas since 1983, I have learned much of what I feel and know about this human experience. Vegas is the only place I know my art. It has added most of the direction, ideas, nurturing, failures 60 and successes to my life and work. All of humanity is right here for me to be influenced. ◆ PeaceNArt Studio - 107 E. Charleston Blvd.