September '17 Magazines 89117 - Page 59

Local Artisan Alex P. Huerta The inspiration for me as an artist (and a human) comes from the simple understanding that I love people. I love the human experience. I love my creator. I love who I've become. I love that I'm an artist. I love that I'm self-taught. Creating artwork has led me to my path and purpose. “TRUTH IS A HARD PLACE TO GET, BUT AN EASY PLACE TO STAY.” This quote by artist Alex Huerta exemplifies everything the man, artist and mentor to many stands for. Rising from a place of self loathing iso- lation and alcohol addiction, his art became his truth, pulling him from the trenches of a dark and hopeless existence to a life filled with light, acceptance and inner peace. The raw and somewhat frenetic quality of his artwork reflect the struggles of his past; yet, the man is a vision of joyful exuberance willing to encourage and share with others his mes- sage of hope, redemption, and love of God and spirit. We asked Alex about the journey, his gift of spoken word and why living one day at a time has special meaning. How did you begin your life as an artist? My history as an artist began in 1995 while viewing a collection of artwork being dis- played at the Wynn Hotel. This is when creating and becoming an artist first entered my thoughts. I was 29 years old, working in a sports book and heading towards self destruction. I bought paints and a canvas the following year and haven’t looked back. I've been in my PeaceNArt Studio for almost nine years now, creating and selling art on a full time basis. Unlike many in your field, you’re a full time artist. What does a typical day look like for you? My days have a repetitious pattern of waking early, and depending on the day of the week, I either go to the studio or first go to my dialysis treatment. I’ve been required to do dialysis since 1989, less the four years I had without it due to a kidney trans- plant that eventually failed. At the studio, I get into current pieces…working them, contemplating them and trying to discover. Some days are filled with other people's energies as they visit, or a quiet day alone with my mind, but I’m always producing art. My work can be seen in my studio, on walls in DTLV, businesses around the val- ley, as well as in many homes that display my originals. September/October 2017 59