September '17 Magazines 89117 - Page 41

A Step Above Justin Chung Faith Lutheran High School Student Body President Justin Chung is a child of the American Dream, the significance of which is not lost on this budding young leader. He is grateful for the opportuni- ties he’s received and the sacrifices that have made them possible. Taking cue from his folks and mentors, he works hard for the things he wants most, whether that’s straight A’s, a win for the team or a run for a top spot in student council. Perhaps the most valuable lesson he’s taken from life’s experiences is this: “When a unique opportunity arrives, there should be no hesitation.” It’s pretty clear that he intends to live this credo, and for that, Justin Chung is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.4 Sports/Clubs: • Freshman Basketball, 2014-2015 • JV Football, 2014-2015; Captain, 2015 • Varsity Football, 2016-Present • Varsity Track & Field, 2016-2017 • Honors Institute, 2014-Present • STEM Academy, 2014-Present • Student Leadership Team, 2015-Present • The Brookie Foundation, 2015-Present • National Honor Society, 2016-Present • Student Body President, 2017-2018 Awards/Community Service: • AP Scholar, 2017 • Scholar Honor Roll, 2014-Present • Academic Award Letter, 2014-Present • NIAA All-State Academic Team–Student Leadership, 2016 • NIAA All-State Academic Team–Varsity Football, 2016 • Harvard Prize Book Nominee, 2017 • Three Square Food Bank, 2010-Present • The Sporting Crusade Founder and Member, 2017-Present Your goal is to enter the field of neurology after high school. What inspired this direction? “I found the field of neurology after my mom underwent a brain operation in 2013. Her recovery was long and the struggles were evident. From time to time she would not be able to leave the bed all day, and it plagued me with worries. Today, she is healthy and even participates in long hikes.” What characteristics define your success? “My diligence, leadership skills and ability to be open- minded have allowed me to succeed in every aspect of my life. Numerous mentors have taught me these valuable characteristics. My football coaches and student leadership advisor continually give me lessons on things like proper interaction and etiquette.” Who do you look up to? “I look up to my father, as he is someone that represents the American Dream; he is a hard-working person with high morals. My father came to a country with a foreign language, adapted, learned and rose to the position he is at today, affording me the incredible oppor- tunities I continue to receive.” September/October 2017 How does it feel to be Student Body President? “Winning the election for student body president makes me proud because of the rigor of not only public speaking to persuade voters, but having the approval to run by my student council advisor. To be appointed to the top position in the executive board places a smile on my face.” 41