September '17 Magazines 89117 - Page 22

For the Love of Food There’s something about Halloween that brings out the kid in all of us. Clever costumes, masked madmen and predictable, yet somehow still startling practi- Food Stylist: Aly Wagonseller cal jokes fill the evening with spooktacular fanfare and fun. Candy is what it’s all about for the kids, filling their bags (and bellies) with enough of the sweet stuff Art Director: Kristi Stephenson Photographer: Dave Smith to last the entire year. But, while Snickers Bars and Candy Corn might be their entrée of choice, no Halloween “boo”ffet would be complete without a spectacle of ghostly delights ready and waiting for the hungry trick-or-treat crowd. Much like the identity changes you make by putting on a costume, transforming innocent ingredients into eerie, yet edible snacks and presenting them ghoulishly at the table is only limited by your imagination. Pinterest is of course an amazing resource for finding incredibly creative ideas, but you don’t have to go bat crazy to make your table a chilling success. Simple apothecary or masonry jars are an easy way to showcase macabre inspired goodies, adding removable chalk board stickers (found at any craft store) penned with gory descriptions, and a few arti- ficial cobwebs, for full effect. Arrange them on black fabric in simple groupings for a table that’s effortless- yet screams Halloween. Think outside of the coffin for serving pieces as well. Scientific beakers make great drink glasses; a test tube filled with your favorite shot of alcohol or dyed juice adds a special effect that’s madly creative; even a simple, hollowed out pumpkin can create the perfect ves- sel for spine tingling soups and stews. 22 We’ll help you “Boo”tify this year’s Halloween celebration with a selection of chilling, yet surprisingly delicious recipes designed to put a little fright into your night. From bat wontons that take on a personality all their own, to fudgy cookie cauldrons the little ones will love, you’re sure to be a hit with ghosts and goblins of any age. September/October 2017