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Rainforest Adventure Swings into Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Las Vegas | August 7, 14, 21, 28 & September 4 3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd.; Looking to spice up a lazy summer afternoon? Leave the young kiddos at home; the Cosmo’s movie night caters to a Head over to the Las more mature audience. Catch a flick on the hotel’s colossal marquee, sip on Vegas Natural History handcrafted movie-themed cocktails and munch on creative movie Museum now through snacks. Titles include “The Great Outdoors” (8.7), “It’s Complicated” (8.14), September 4th for a “World War Z” (8.21), “Father of the Bride” (8.28) and “Hitch” (9.4). Jumanji-like expedi- tion through their newest traveling exhib- it: Rainforest Adventure. Swing like a spider monkey, discover a rodent that weighs over a hundred pounds, learn about a beetle that can carry over 850 times its own weight and so much more at the fully interactive maze exploring one of the least known habitats on Earth. Your journey begins in the highest treetops surrounded by migratory birds and radiant sunlight, then you’ll answer questions about the rain- forest in an effort to reach the forest floor. Be careful! Incorrect answers will lead to dead ends. Along the way, you’ll learn just how essential rainforests are to human health and survival, and how important it is that we care for this intriguing eco-system and the planet. Learn more at Outdoors & In Town Square Las Vegas | August 3 & 10 6605 S. Las Vegas Blvd.; Head to the green at to ݸՅɔЁչݸȁAɅѕ٥)ɽѕЀԁиԁи͍ɕ՝Ёѥѱ́Ցq5t(̤qItͥ́ɕ)9ЁЁѡ5͕մ胊qM)t՝Ѐ(́LYY܁ ِܹɥɕ͕ٔɜ)-́ձ́ݥѡ́፱ͥٔ٥٥ݥݡ)Ց́ȁ9ٕɔ́Օ́ݥٔѡAɕ͕ٗé=ɥ)͕մѼѡ̸͕ٕQ٥͕ѥqM)t)ݥѠѡ͕շéɽeȁ)ɹ ́Ѡᡥи)I͕مѥ́ɕեɕ)Yϊd=ёȁ5٥MQ Ё!1@ ѱ]ѕȁ )%Ё܁͡Ёݕ̰յȁɕݥٕȁӊeѼMɥյȁѕ́ɕeЁ)ѡ͍ɽѥUѥѡѡɗéѥѥѼѡѡ́兹ѡ䁍)ѡЁյѥͼɕа٥́չȁѡх̰ͥȁѡ͔ݡeЁٔ́Ѽ)ȁٕ͕մM锁ѡ䁅ѥȁЁѡ͔Ёɥ݅ѕȸQӊéݡ)܁չՔ٥ݥɥ́ѡ͕ͽ!Mѡɸ9مѥ)Օ́啅ȁѼЁѡ!1@)ٔ%5٥́ ѱ]ѕȁ )]ѹI%ȁA՝Ѐ́́ɽ́ͽѕ(ԁɥȸܹͽͅɕɕѥݥѠɅѥQѡɕ)Q䁙Ёх͍ɕݡݥѥѠ)ȁɕ᥹ͥQ́Ѡэ5ݝéٕɕ́ѡݥ)չݥѥ)ݥѠ ѡ́͹ẽq)չ tՔѡɽ՝՝аɅ́ɕͥ́Mѡɸ)ЁѼɽѕЁ́ɕͤ))ݡ)9مѼɍ͔ȁɥѱ݅ѕȁѼєЁ])]Ѓad]՝ЀЀā́5ɭЁѡ1́Ýɕ!1@ݥѡɥє݅ѕȁѼ(ԁLЁIܹݕѹݥٕ̹́٥Յ́ѡɽ՝ЁѡյȸQ́啅Ȱ])ɅȁȁՉȁչȁɸ䁽ЁЁ]Ѐ]Ѽ5ɭЁ́ɕѼэ݅ѕȁѱѥ́Ѽд)ЁЁѡ٥̄́ՑiѽФ䀠Ĥѱ̄YͥЁܹͽعɜȁɔ(MѕȽ=ѽȀ