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••• •• F UT UR E F O CUS •• When something is ‘in the cloud’ it means it’s stored on Internet servers instead of on your computer’s hard drive. Many businesses have made a financial decision to move their files onto the cloud. This means they no longer have to buy their own hardware equipment which tends to depreciate or outdate too quickly. Now their only costs are incurred by how and when they use the cloud and their programs are easily updated. Business people have a world of possibilities at their fingertips via the internet instead of being limited by the few programs available from software packages bought by the company. Two of the most popular servers in the cloud are iCloud, specifically designed for Apple users, and Google Drive. iCloud is a tool which keeps all Apple devices connected and securely stores all photos, videos and documents. The popular ‘Find My iPhone’ app operates in the cloud and helps you find your missing phone. Google drive is available in two ways – either as an App (but apparently this can slow down the computer and use a lot of your data) or online through your Gmail account (which I am reliably informed is the better option as it works just as efficiently). Google Drive starts you off with 15 gigabyte of free online storage from Google with the option to buy more. Basically whatever you decide to upload onto the cloud will follow you wherever you go and be available from any smartphone, tablet or computer – what more could we want? HOW SECURE IS THE CLOUD? The cloud environment is as vulnerable as any other traditional network to breaches of security. Ultimately you are responsible for protecting our own data. Your information stored in the cloud is as safe as how well you manage your password. We all need to be savvy when using the internet, whether it’s while opening emails or being alert to any unusual reports. Phishing, fraud and other exploitation will not stop, so the secret is to change your passwords regularly, make sure they are not ‘obvious’ and at all times protect your credentials from being stolen. As far as agriculture is concerned we may think that we will not need to learn to use these new tools, but those who do make time to do so will become more efficient and easily adapt to new technologies as they arrive at the farm gate. The agricultural sector is being transformed by the use of data and increasingly in the future we will see innovative new uses from yield optimisation to fertiliser management and new apps will become available on our phones to make our farming more efficient and informed. My next article will look at useful Apps and I would love it if you would drop me an email naming your favourite app so I can explore and share it with others here. Email: 55 Legally Armed, in association with Martin & Visser Attorneys, offer for the past 11 years, amongst others, the following services: MOTIVATIONS FOR: • any type of firearm licence • accreditations for businesses • specialising in estate firearms 2004 - 2015 Johan Martin 083 391 8180 • import / export of firearms • renewals • appeals, etc. 40 000 satisfied clients! * Preferred service provider for Wildlife Ranching SA * Offices countrywide SENWES Scenario • OKT/NOV 2016 55