Senwes Scenario Oktober / November 2015 - Page 31

N UUS farmer is. Through this they tell their country farming story in a unique way, in an urban style, to connect with people in the city. He also compared their Kansas farming community to the Free State in that their state is the heartland of America, with the Free State province having a similar connotation in South Africa. They are proud fifth generation farmers with Greg himself, brothers Nathan and Kendall, as well as little sister Laura also appearing in some videos. Apart from getting the message across, they also have unique lines like “We’re running green John Deere tractors”. Their main objective is that a farmer should tell his ••• own story through music. “This way you are transparent and a personal story is always real”. The message he portrayed was that a farmer is resilient, never gives up and that growing food for the people is his business. The president of Free Sate Agriculture, Dan Kriek, said afterwards that Greg showed everybody that farmers everywhere have the same issues and thanked Greg for his new way of portraying farmers. Greg said lastly that although they have all the attention with millions of followers, they still really still don’t realise the importance of what they are doing. “All we do know is that we are farmers and we love what we’re doing”. For more information visit SENWES SENWESScenario Scenario • •June/July Okt/Nov 2015 29