Senwes Scenario Junie / Julie 2016 - Page 47

SENWES PRECISION FARMING in the vanguard of technology StarFire™ 6000 Receiver Compatibility • Same mounting bracket as StarFire 3000 deluxe shroud • Same wiring harness connector and RTK radios as Starfire 3000 • Compatible with previous and current GreenStar displays • Increased performance • New features: – Reprogrammable via USB port on receiver – Integrated data logger – Optional locking device – SF1 and RTK \ܛX[B[[XZ[H[YH\Hь []\[]]X((X\H[[(\]XH]ьKь[¸(UHܚ]̋[ N \^\‚ܙY[\( N (ܛY[܈X\B]Y][ۂ(TЈܝ܈]B[ٙ\‘ܙY[\( (ݚY\[[ۚ]ܚ[˜[۝ݙ\[BYܚX[\[X[Y[Y[][ۜ[H\H[[\Y\HXX[\‘ܙY[\( ]B۝\[X\]H[X[ۂ۝وۋRTЕTš[\[Y[H\[˜\H[\XH܈[\ܙY[\\^K۝\[\\[ZX[ ]Y[[YY[]\K^HXK^H[\˂][\\]Z\Y[Hۛ]\Y[[[HXZH\H]^H]] \H^\]HY\BX[\HX\[YH[\X\H]\][Y[˂H[\H][H]HH\][ۙ^H\ٙ\SSN N  ML ‚[¸(ZH[\\][ۂH^][وX]]H[YXY[H8$]]X][HٙXB(ۛX[\XX[\š[HY[]BٙXH܈[\[ؚ[B]XB([X\[N$Y\Xو[\Y]$[ۚ]܈ܚܙ\¸$X[YH\X¸$X\[\ܝ[XX[H[ܛX][ۂ$[[\H[[Z\BXX[H\ܛX[B$XZ]HT[\܂K[XZ[Y\Y\¸$\ܛH[[B\]܈\ܝ$]]X]H]B^[B