Senwes Scenario June/July 2018 - Page 8

AGRICULTURAL Cattle + grain = Theme: Livestock a wise choice In addition to technical skills, risk management is the most important skill which a pro- ducer should have. Cattle farming combined with grain production, addresses this risk directly, which makes it a wise move.  By dr Kobus Swart Animal Feed Expert T he combination of grain and cattle farming has more than one bene- fit, of which consistent and secure feed production is the most important. A cattle component with con- comitant infrastructure and equipment is a long-term investment and must be con- sidered and planned with the necessary care. The necessary expert advice and the application thereof to herd management 6 SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2018 are the basis of any successful cattle pro- duction enterprise. The first choice to be made is the end product which you want to produce with the cattle component. This choice will determine the nature of cattle manage- ment, facilities and equipment which need to be focused upon. A choice has to be made from three types of production sys- tems: ➊ Gene pool or reproduction capacity. This is where animals with a higher breeding value in a stud or commer- cially bred animals are marketed at a premium. ➋ Meat production capacity: Weaners are produced in a cow-calf production sys- tem and typically marketed to feedlots. ➌ Carcass production: Own and/or bought weaners are rounded off in a feedlot, slaughtered and carcasses or