Senwes Scenario June/July 2018 - Page 62

COLUMN GARDENING Food for thought What are you staring yourself blind against? W Milanie Vosloo e stare ourselves blind against the Goliaths and the Philistines, while there are five little stones and a catapult next to us. There is no need to spell out the challenges fac- ing our country, agriculture or land. We are tired of the huge problems which do not seem to be dealt with properly. We do everything we can to avert the bad and ensure a future for our children. However, I often think we are doing it with the wrong equipment. We try to take on the Goliaths with their ac- couterments and methods. We forget about the story of David, that we have a mighty God on our side and that a small cata- pult of hope and five little stones of faith are more than enough. Take a walk down to the River of Life more often, to waters of rest, where we can hear God's voice and pick up the truths, truths such as God's faithfulness, His protection and especially His love. We should put these undoubted promises deep into the pockets of our hearts and use when we really need it. It seemed impossible for the Israelites to leave Egypt; unthink- able that water would flow from a rock, bread would fall from the sky, a few men conquer a host of people... that one young boy would slay a giant. And yet, all these things happened, because there was a God. What are you staring yourself blind against? The hurdles and challenges on your life journey? Or against the God who pro- tected His children and still promises to hold His hand over me. I am important to God. He gives me the strength to do what He asks of me. (Isaia 49:2b, 4b). Lord, please change the way in which I look at things - in or- der for me to see You. Then five little stones will be more than enough. Win with Senwes and Cum Publishers Win with Senwes and Cum Publishers. One lucky reader can win a copy of Hoop wat kaalvoet loop, 101 devotions filled with hope and inspiration. SMS Senwes, Cum, your name, telephone number and e-mail address to 31022 on or before 31 July 2018. Standard sms-tariffs will apply and no Senwes group employees may enter. Visit the website for comprehensive competition rules. 60 SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2018 59 | Winter and its leafy carpet suppliers have made it easy by providing a visual picture of what is required for leaf growth, flowers, fruit and vegetables. WINTER FLOWERS Primulas are dependable (sun/shade) Pansies are colourful (sun) Alyssum for the borders (sun) Delphiniums for height (sun) Dianthus for height (sun) Foxgloves for height (sun) Petunias for intense colour (sun) Snapdragons for beauty (sun) Bulbs Daffodils, anemones, tulips and freesias in sunlight. Autumn is the time to prune drastically. Trees and shrubs must be cut back and thinned out. If you haven't done it, do it now. It enables the plant to channel the necessary nutrients to new growth and blossoms. Autumn is a good time to plant ne