Senwes Scenario June/July 2018 - Page 48

NEWS New Look Hinterland Fuels goes clean Hinterland’s fuel division, which currently comprises 55 fuel stations, predominantly sit- uated at Hinterland branches, is undergoing a revamp. The fuel stations provide petrol, diesel as well as paraffin at selected branches. T The fuel outlets are in the pro- cess of a revamp with the rolling out of the Hinterland Fuels brand. In line with new branding, this also includes new uniforms for pump attendants as well as the replacement of older pumps and the upgrading of infra- structure. “In addition we’re also attending to a rollout programme for convenience stores as an added value service to our clients,” says Derik Wolmarans, Hinterland Manager: Fuels Division. “In line with the Clean Fuels 2 initiative, which is aimed at improving air quality and ensuring that South African fuels are suitable for the latest technology in engine development, Hinterland Fuels will soon start to phase out 500ppm diesel. 50ppm diesel is suitable for older diesel engines and no modifications are needed for the switch-over. Fuel consumption is largely determined by the condition of the engine and external factors. The diesel can also be mixed with other branded products, however, this will affect the efficiency of the additive package.” “The main supplier of Hinterland Fuels 46 SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2018 is Engen, and with good reason. There is a plethora of new trademarks in the mar- ket which are systematically replacing the well-known brands, especially in the rural areas. The product available at such fuel stations may come from different sources, sometimes locally refined, sometimes imported and often intermixed. The spec- ifications of the product can therefore dif- fer from one delivery to the next. Thanks to Hinterland’s relationship with Engen, our clients can be assured of a top quality product which complies with the SANS 342/2016 standards and also contains Engen’s additives for Dynamic Diesel. Additives are a topic which clients aren’t entirely aware of, or which they do not completely understand, and as such we’d like to shed more light on the matter.” The additive package is multi-function- al and consists of deposit control com- ponents which can immediately start to restore the engine’s lost power. It consists of a detergent which removes deposits from the engine, an anti-corrosion agent, a demulsifier which ensures that water does not remain in suspension and which settles easily in order to be intercepted by filtration systems, as well as technology which decreases foaming to ensure that fuel tanks are filled quicker. Lubricity of diesel with a low sulphur content is another factor to be taken into account since lubricity declines as the sulphur content of the diesel is decreased. Lubricity is critical for the functioning of the diesel pump and injectors. In the case of Engen Dynamic diesel the lubricity is restored by a component in the additive package. The tolerances of modern diesel engines is of such a nature that a detergent is also essential to keep the injectors clean, to maintain the essential spraying pattern and to ensure optimal diesel consumption and clean combus- tion. Diesel is therefore not the same at all fuel stations and it remains a critical deci- sion for motorists and owners of heavy diesel equipme ЁѼɔѡЁ̴)ͥյѥ͕٥)Ё!ѕɱՕхѥ)ɥٔݥѠٕѥ