Senwes Scenario June/July 2018 - Page 46

NEWS mixed grill GOSA proud of industry and farmer efficiency AN ESTIMATED 20 MILLION TONS of grain and oilseeds were handled by mem- bers of the Grain Handling Organisation (GOSA) during the 2017 season. Deep sea exports amounted to 2 million tons - white maize was exported to Kenia and yellow maize to Japan, Korea and Taiwan. GOSA thanked their members for the efficient handling of the almost 17 million tons. Silos were utilised at full capacity and silo owners had to move stock around to accommodate everyone. “It is the duty of agriculture to provide assurance to the South African population regarding food security. The country’s 33 000 primary producers, regarded as the best in the world despite the fact that they receive no government subsidies, deserve a lot of credit,” said Annatjie Loio, chairman of GOSA, during their 35th symposium on 22 and 23 March at Mosselbay. In addition to neighbouring countries maize is in demand in South Korea. If we can compete with the USA, this could be a potential market. Favourable weather conditions and the inconsistency of the rand remain focus areas. Loio pointed that the sector faces Personnel of Senwes Grainlink who attended the 2018 GOSA symposium in Mosselbaai. serious challenges. The average age of producers is older than 60 years. “The younger generation must participate in producing food,” she warned and added that land expropriation without compensa- tion had to be prevented to maintain food security. Keynote speakers also touched on the potential negative impacts thereof, but said that transformation in agriculture was unavoidable. The sector must actively participate in transformation, but not at the AFASA Youth leads the way THE AFASA YOUTH in Northwest hosted a national farmers' day in Ventersdorp in April. The day was attended by 65 young producers and learners. An olive producer near Coligny in Northwest, Wessel Badenhorst, shared information with the youth on the production of olives on the day, and told them that there are only five olive producers in the Northwest. Here is the AFASA group which hosted the day, with Pontsho Mogotlane (AFASA Head Office), Alfred van Wyk (AFASA Northwest), Nono Sekhoto (AFASA Youth Chairman), as well as Chadé Groenewald (AFASA Youth in Northwest). Sekhoto said that it formed part of their national roadshow and that he is thankful for Senwes being involved as a co-sponsor and the fact that it takes responsibility for the success of the youth in our country. The objective of AFASA is to fight against unemployment amongst the youth by contributing to the development of young producers, specifically in the Northwest. 44 SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2018 cost of the sustainability of the sector as one of the largest creators of employment and food security. The organisation is currently reviewing its positioning. Plans involve the expan- sion of representation to include the total grain value chain, the appointment of a X[Y\[^[[ۈوH\ \Y[X\[\ۜ܈وK[\ܘZ[[[H[Y][ۈ˜][HH[\][K