Senwes Scenario June/July 2018 - Page 45

PRODUCER FOCUS Buks van Wyk (far right) with his wife Alet next to him with their children JJ and Edith on the left. graze on the crop residue. “However, my son proved to me how much weight the cattle put on, which convinced me to allow them to graze on the crop residue.” Something which we have been struggling with over the past two years is cattle theft. However, during dry years the cattle com- ponent is his saving grace. "It is essential for me to have cattle, since I don't have high potential land.” SENWES He became a Senwes customer four years ago and buys seed, fertiliser and animal remedies. He also buys fencing, poles and droppers, as well as overalls at the branch, due to the competitive prices. His fleet is made up of four John Deere tractors and a sprayer and he uses the services of Senwes Equipment and Senwes Credit. He says he would also like to learn more about grain trading. HIS STAFF IS HIS PILLAR OF STRENGTH Buks and his son JJ, as fourth-generation producer, focus on the total farming oper- ations. His wife, Alta, handles the wages and contracts and his daughter Edith does the books. He also has four foremen and thirty other members of staff. GAME You may see a few blesbuck on the farm, but they are just for the amusement of the farm personnel and don't generate any income. More about the diamond industry • It usually takes 100 tons of gravel to find 1 carat of diamonds. At present it takes 100 tons of gravel to find 0,25 carats of diamonds. • Stones smaller than 34 mm are anal- ysed and sorted. The rest of the gravel is returned to the diggings for rehabili- tation purposes. • Flow-Sort X-rays catapult the diamonds into a safe. • The best colour diamonds are found here. • Most of the diamonds are destined for the export market. The rest of the dia- monds are bought by local jewellers. • Diamonds are becoming scarcer. When they are found, they are very expensive. • Take care. Locals try their luck by Animals and grain account for 50% of their activities. attempting to sell diamonds to you in public. HOW DOES HE SEE THE FUTURE? To no longer plant on marginal ground and to leave some fields fallow. Since he has been doing deep cultivation and soil analysis and applying the right fertiliser, his yields have increased dramatically. As far as soybeans are concerned, he will really have to think about it long and hard before trying his hand at it. This is Buks. A farmer who has literally mined himself out of difficult times. SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2018 43