Senwes Scenario June/July 2018 - Page 38

HUMAN RESOURCES Employers in the dark about wage increases R No date has been given for the imple­mentation of the National Minimum Wage Bill and employers are still in the dark with regards to doing proper financial planning for wage increases that comply with the applicable legislation. By Christo Bester T he South African labour market is rightly regarded as highly regula­ ted. This view is confirmed in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report of 2017/2018 in which South Africa is ranked 137 out of 137 countries in terms of labour-employer relations. In general the report indicates restrictive labour regulations as one of the most problematic factors for doing busi- ness in South Africa. It is therefor vital that employers comply with all requirements set by labour legislation, as well as manage labour relations proactively. The Minister of Labour, Mildred Oliphant, informed the general pub- lic on 26 March 2018 that the National Minimum Wage Bill, the Labour Relations Amendment Bill and the Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill will not come in operation on 1 May 2018. No date has been given for the implementation of these Acts and employers are still in the dark with regards to doing proper financial planning for wage increases that comply with applicable legislation. Since the start of the process to imple- ment a NMWB three and a half years ago, a lot of uncertainty still exists regarding 36 SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2018 the NMWB with specific reference to the implementation date, the minimum wage amount, exemptions, etc. However, many changes have been made to several aspects since and has the Bill not been finalised. This creates great uncertainty for both employers and employees alike and can also lead to certain expectations as a result of promises made that can create conflict in the workplace. As the NMWB is not yet finalised and implemented, employers in the agricultural sector should still comply with all aspects as dictated by Sectoral Determination 13, which regulates labour relations in the agricultural sector. The minimum wage for employees in the agricultural sector, effec- tive from 1 March 2018 is as follows: • Hourly tariff: R16.25 • Daily tariff: R146.28 (for employees who work 9 hours a day) • Weekly tariff: R731.41 • Monthly tariff: R3 169.19 Other provisions in Sectoral Determination 13 are also still applicable, with reference to leave, working hours, deductions, over- ti YK\[]˂[HUЈY\[YX[\[\[Y[Y [\Y\[H؛YY^HH][[[ \[[[\\B[H]] \\܈[[\KBY\[]YXK\\X]HوB[\H[X^H\H[\YY B\Z[ٛܙ\H[Y\Xܚ\XBܜ]H[XYHY[][[^[\[ۂۛH^HL H[ IH\X][HقH][ۘ[Z[[][HYK\[KB]\N \\܈H\Z[™ܙ\HX܈[MK \\܂HY\Xܚ\X܋[\Y\[HYܚX[\[X܈[ZHB]H\Hܚ\[Y\ܚ\˜\H[\YYXZ[H܈[ۛX[ۈ]\Z[X]]Y\\[\Y\Xܚ\ܚ[[H\HۈH\K\^[\[ۈ\[Y܈YX\Y\X[[\Y\]\^H]X\B][ۘ[Z[[][HYH\[[Y \[[ۈX\[ۜZ[[\XKBY[ \\[وYX\[[[K]H\[وYX\\B]\X\Y[ܛX][ۈ]Z[XK][HYHZY]HB\YH\[[HUЈ\Y™ܙX][\Z[H[HܚXH[[\]HH[YY \X[H]X\]\YXXH[\]Z\\œXX[\ۛYKX\H\KB\\H[\Y\H[ܛX][ۈ[\\XB[Y[HXX][ۋXYH]\\XH]ٝ Z[[][WY