Senwes Scenario June/July 2018 - Page 31

IN THE KITCHEN Fill the tummies with a pork belly A fter Senwes Scenario's visit to CP and Gerda Kriek at Taaibosch Piggery, we searched high and low for unusual port recipes. According to the Krieks, pork belly is one of the nicest cuts. They also mentioned that that this is not so popular in South Africa, but it offers some- thing more than just chops and trotters. So, here it is. Pork belly - the part of which bacon is made. spoon of olive oil ➎ Place in a baking dish, onion at the bottom and mean on top. Make small cuts in the skin ➏ Roast for 30 minutes ➐ Pour win over the pork and decrease heat to 180°C ➑ Roast for 40 minutes ➒ Should you prefer more crackle, place the meat under the grill. ➓ Let the meat rest for 10 minutes and serve. INGREDIENTS 1kg pork belly 1 red onion Meat spice Fresh thyme 500ml white wine METHOD ➊ Preheat oven to 200°C ➋ Cut pork belly into small pieces ➌ Rub with meat spice and herbs ➍ Mix with chopped onion and a tea- Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of POULTRY EQUIPMENT GOLD PACK AWARD WORLDSTAR FOR PACKAGING SPACE SAVER LIVE BIRD CRATE LIVE BIRD CRATE EGG CRATE FREEZER CRATE AUTOMATIC ECONO DRINKER (MK4) AND BALLAST BREEDER DRINKER (MK5) AUTOMATIC BALLAST BROILER DRINKER (MK6) INFRA-RED BROODER 550 WATT (450 BIRDS) DIGITAL MINIMUM/ MAXIMUM THERMOMETER MAXI-MIN THERMOMETER VENTED EGG TRAY AUTOMATIC BELL DRINKER (MK7) WITH OR WITHOUT BALLAST CHICK CRATE PLASTIC NIPPLE 360° ROUND PIPE NIPPLE 360° SQUARE PIPE NIPPLE STAINLESS STEEL NIPPLE ANTI-DROWN RING FOUNT ELEVATOR 750ML WATER FOUNT 3 & 4 LITRE WATER FOUNTS 4 LITRE WATER FOUNT WITH HANDLE GAS BROODER (600 BIRDS) 8 LITRE WATER FOUNT 10 LITRE WATER FOUNT 12 LITRE WATER FOUNT GAS BROODER (1200 BIRDS) Optional extras Optional extras Optional extras 175 WATT LAMP (100 BIRDS) ANTI-WASTE RING TUBE FEEDER LID TUBE FEEDER LID BULK CHICK FEEDER FEED TRAY HINGED FEEDSAVER RIBBED TUBE FEEDER TUBE FEEDER See our wide range of products at Tel: 0861 POLTEK (765835), 011 865 2038/9 I Fax: 011 865 1722 e-mail: I e-mail: POLTEK®/Custom Moulders® and the POLTEK® logo are all registered trademarks of Custom Moulders®. E&OE SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2018 29