Senwes Scenario June/July 2018 - Page 28

PRODUCER FOCUS Dynamic partnership Pini Jan Kgosimore and Sophie Dikeledi Mabaso have already harvested more than 40 tons of sunflower this season. In this edition, Julias Ramohlabi* introduces us to dynamic duo Pini Jan Kgosimore and Sophie Dikeledi Mabaso of Mafabatho Farm in Wesselsbron who, through their associa- tion with Senwes, have managed to turn their farm around.  By Kefiloe Manthata EARLY YEARS Kgosimore and Mabaso both grew up around farming, albeit at different times. Sophie’s late father, who was Kgosimore’s friend, started Mafabatho Farm back in 2002, farming mainly with white maize. As a friend, Jan spent a lot of time help- ing Mabaso’s father and slowly became part of their family. His daughter, Sophie was intrigued by the work her dad was doing and shadowed him wherever he went. For as long as she can remem- ber, Jan has always been around. When Sophie’s father passed away, it came as no surprise that Jan would partner up with Sophie to ensure that the farm stays afloat. SENWES The duo have faced many challenges since trying to carry on the business after the passing of Mabaso’s father. While seeking assistance and trying to grow their farm, Kgosimore and Mabaso crossed paths with Grain SA’s Johan Kriel, who told them about what Senwes could do to help grow their business and introduced them to Julias Ramohlabi. “When Johan introduced us to Ramohlabi, we were facing many challenges. Senwes helped turn our farm around within a very short space of time. We have witnessed miraculous changes in production, none of which would have been possible with- out the help we received from Senwes,” a grateful Kgosimore explained. *Julias Ramohlabi, Senwes Manager: Developing Farmers, is a man who wears many hats. In the upcoming editions of Senwes Scenario, he will be taking us to many a developing farmer and through the various services Senwes offers developing farmers. Some of the ser- vices include access to finance, mentorship, market and farm planning. 26 SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2018