Senwes Scenario June/July 2018 - Page 13

INNOVATION decisions to adjust to changes in animal requirements, health and behaviour. Modern technology now makes it possi- ble for farmers to obtain access to different technologies that allow them to follow the production performance on the farm. PRACTICAL EXAMPLE Vox Animal Tracker ( is a powerful animal location and monitoring system. Animal well-being and location of livestock can be managed from your smartphone, tablet or PC. The following primary features are available: ➋ SETS GEOFENCES ➌ ACTIVITY MONITOR ➊ PROVIDES GPS LOCATIONS Prevents animal losses by keeping track of them wherever they roam. Allows you to do trend analysis and monitor repetitive behaviour. This feature allows you to define or set your own geofences – for instance around the camp perimeter. Geofencing will alert you if the animal moves outside the defined fence. The collar is able to track the animal’s habitual movements during the day and night, alerting you if they are sick or injured. You are also able to track various distance parameters such as distance roamed in 24 hours, etc. ➍ TEMPERATURE CONTROL This feature monitors the animal’s tem- perature against certain parameters. BUSINESS BENEFITS Vox animal tracking is a fully integrated platform which can add value to the livestock farmer’s business through: • Savings in respect of operating costs (such as fence inspections) • Reduction in animal loss • Improvement in fertility rates. For more information contact Senwes Agricultural Services (info@senwes. or Vox telecom at References Animal Frontiers, Volume 7, Issue 1, 1 January 2017, Pages 12 17,https:// Published:01 January 2017. SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2018 11