Senwes Scenario Februarie / Maart 2019 - Page 23

D T AN N E M T VES R IN OU Y T C E T PRO IT V I T C U PROD Y c i t s n o a n l g P e c Dia n a n e t n i Ma ES G A T N ADVA CALL: 6 64 779 4  018  The inspections can be done throughout the year.  Less downtime for the client in season.  Inspections are done by a qualified John Deere technician.  Inspections can be done on the farm.   Breakdowns in season will be less.  Parts can be delivered in time for the machines.  New and used equipment can be inspected.  The inspection programme will benefit all the machines of the client.  Positive effect on the value of the machines. A good proactive plan can be scheduled for inspections.